Marijuana Advocate & Breitbart Reader George Hendrickson Runs for House as Conservative Independent

If there’s any synergy for Democrats to gain from two potential marijuana ballot measures drawing young independents to the polls in 2018, George Hendrickson is looking to take it away.

Hendrickson, a frequent advocate at Legislative hearings for pro-cannabis measures, tells Dana Ferguson he plans to run for Congress as a conservative independent:

“South Dakota Republicans are always afraid of voting for the independent because it could help elect the Democrat,” he told [Ferguson]. “But that could be different in this election because every single person I’ve talked to, they are so mad at the establishment, Democrat and Republican alike, that they are dying for a real choice.”

…The lifelong Republican who left the GOP after he became fed up with perceived corporate influence said he’ll work to reform medical marijuana policy at the federal level, push for welfare program reform and consolidate federal agencies [Dana Ferguson, “Medical Cannabis Advocate, Former Police Officer Enters U.S. House Race,” that Sioux Falls paper, 2017.06.15].

On his public Facebook page, Hendrickson shares Breitbart posts cheering Trump’s border wall and Kid Rock’s run for Senate, promotes a video claiming climate change is a hoax (rebutted by Snopes here), and forwards a year-old smear claiming that Bernie Sanders bought a $170K Audi with political campaign contributions (shown to be unsubstantiated and implausible by Snopes here).

So, sensible voters, keep Hendrickson’s preferred sources of information in mind. A guy who reads and shares Breitbart, Fox, and dubious, dated Web memes probably isn’t someone we want making real policy decisions. His own reference to the fear of Democrats winning makes clear he’s not us liberals’ guy. As it stands, we liberals should stick with Tim Bjorkman, who expresses a far broader concept of compassionate governance and brings a judge’s experience at sifting through evidence and separating fact from fiction. Let Hendrickson focus on the one-note pot voters (who might not show up at the polls otherwise and thus don’t really hurt our vote count) and the cranky conservatives whom he might draw away from the white-bread Republican nominee.

10 Responses to Marijuana Advocate & Breitbart Reader George Hendrickson Runs for House as Conservative Independent

  1. Owen Reitzel

    However, if Republicans want to vote for him, then by all means, go ahead

  2. The really crackpot right venturing out on their own? Be cautious what you wish for Owen, after all, they elected Trump.

  3. owen reitzel

    point taken Tim

  4. Baaaaaa, this dude is a black sheep man with slipped wool. He is full of the beans.

  5. George should answer questions about his criminal past, his numerous investigations by the DCI, getting into pursuits (off-duty in his personal vehicle), and breaking into sealed semi-trailers while on duty.

  6. Bob Newland

    I imagine that stuff will come up during the campaign, THomas.

  7. Bob, I still have hope you can talk some sense into this fellow. Otherwise, you need to once again be the public face of the movement.

  8. Who was that other weirdo that ran for governor that had trouble with his taxes? Kind of right wing nut like this guy claims he is not. They all are, so better put a Democrat into the office that is a marijuana advocate.

  9. Jerry, you might be thinking of our friend Gordon Howie, who ran for the GOP gubernatorial nomination and turned out to have some trouble paying his property taxes on time.

  10. Yep, that is the feller, thanks. It always seems like the cult republicans like to toss some siphon in the mix to drain votes from Democrats and only Democrats. Old George maybe may have changed his vote identification to Independent, but that did not change the spots on his hide, he a a right wing cult republican through and through that wants to keep the status quo by announcing his farce.

    Democrats should put this medicine as part of their platform and defend it for what it is, a proven medicinal product that has been proven time and time again to have success. What is there to fear? Cult republicans will always be cult republicans. What you want to reach are those Republicans that can still render a common thread of thought, if not, then the voters who tend to stay from the polls are your best shot. Inspire to lead so that others will follow.