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Lunzman Misses Voters at Home; Make up with Podcast Interview?

We got our first door hanger in our local Aberdeen elections yesterday, from the Dave Lunzman for City Council campaign:

Dave Lunzman door hanger, received 2017.05.25.
Dave Lunzman door hanger, received 2017.05.25.

“Sorry I missed you,” writes Dave. Yes, we’re sorry we missed you, too, Dave. We were home when the three children distributing the hangers came down our street and hung one on our doorknob. I would think a DCI agent—and Lunzman has been spotlighting his 27 years as a law enforcement officer as his primary qualification for city office—would have done a better job of casing the joint and noticing that there were indeed voters at home. In this case, however, Agent Lunzman appears not to have even tried to catch us and thus not so sorrowfully miss us.

But that’s o.k. I got to shake Lunzman’s hand on May 6, hand him my card, and invite him to appear on the Dakota Free Press Podcast for an election interview. The election is June 6, so we still have eleven days to record that interview. I’ll sure be sorry if we miss you, Dave!

While we wait for Lunzman to find time for that interview, here’s his latest campaign video, posted to Facebook on May 20:

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