Jackley, Krebs Attend Anti-Muslim Hate Session in Rapid City

If Democrats fail to field a gubernatorial candidate, I’d like to believe that I could choose Marty Jackley’s executive experience over Kristi Noem’s persistent substanceless imagism. But there goes Jackley attending an anti-Islam hate fest in Rapid City:

A group that one expert called the “KKK for Muslims” hosted a two-hour presentation in Rapid City last weekend about the history of Islam.

ACT for America, a national organization categorized by the Southern Poverty Law Center as the “largest grassroots anti-Muslim group in America,” held the event Saturday at the Best Western Ramkota Hotel in front of around 250 people.

South Dakota Attorney General and Republican gubernatorial candidate Marty Jackley was in attendance, but his office declined to comment when reached after the event.

Following the presentation, the Rev. Craig Moore of First Assembly of God told the audience that Secretary of State Shantel Krebs was also present. Krebs’ office did not respond to multiple requests for comment [Mike Anderson, “Anti-Muslim Group Gives Presentation in Rapid City,” Rapid City Journal, 2017.05.06].

Shantel? You, too? Dang!

Jackley is running for Governor; Krebs is running for U.S. House. I would like to think they are more rational and respectful than to attend these hate fests… but such are the depths of un-American indignity to which one must stoop when facing a rabid Republican primary electorate.

CAIR offers this background information on ACT for America:

ACT for America is a virulently anti-Muslim hate group headed by Hanah Kahwagi Tudor, who goes by the pseudonym “Brigitte Gabriel.” “Gabriel” has stated that an American Muslim “cannot be a loyal citizen” and that Islam is the “real enemy.” She once told the Australian Jewish News: “Every practicing Muslim is a radical Muslim.” When asked whether Americans should “resist Muslims who want to seek political office in this nation,” Tudor said, “Absolutely.”

Her hate group’s anti-Muslim bigotry was highlighted recently in a Washington Post exposé.

SEE: This group believes Islam threatens America: ‘It’s a spiritual battle of good and evil.’

A member of ACT for America allegedly attended a recent meeting in North Carolina at which the killing of Muslims was reportedly suggested.

SEE: CAIR Calls on Feds to Probe Call to Violence Against U.S. Muslims at N.C. Meeting of Hate Groups [Council on American-Islamic Relations, press release, 2017.05.06].

Mr. Attorney General, Madame Secretary of State, please don’t grace any more of these hate meetings with your presence. But if you do, at least have the decency and integrity to speak up about the meetings, tell us what you think of what you heard… and offer the people you serve—who include thousands of Muslims, immigrants, and others demonized by ACT for America—your assurance that you will not be swayed by such hateful propaganda.

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  1. mike from iowa

    I do not know what Muslims think about America, but it is a fact that Steve Bannon , in Drumpf’s White House, wants to destroy America so maybe nutter righties should go after the White House as enemies of America.

  2. This is so disappointing. for so many reasons. Come on Shantel and Marty!! Jeez!

  3. Nick Nemec

    In South Dakota the road to any Republican primary victory runs through the rightwing hate groups.

  4. Thanks for the info. Good to know the details of what our elected officials are doing. Certainly left an impression with me.

  5. Cory, you had your best point hidden at the end of your post: “tell us what you think of what you heard.” That’s what I would really like to hear, the candidates speak to what was said and how that is or is not what they believe to be true; what effect those views will have on their advocacy for public policy; just how any of ACT for America views will affect governance decisions.

  6. Steve Hickey

    Nothing to see here, move on.

    It’s a Christian worldview event. Elected officials should go to them. And they should show up at the mosques too,,, with interpreters.

    Maybe you could do a blog post on what they teach in the mosques, not what they say in English, but translate the rest of the dialog and prayer for the rest of us to parse. You’ll find they teach their worldview and renounce the Western and Christian worldview just like these Christian events teach their worldview and renounce Islam.

    BTW, Hating Islam and doesn’t mean one hates Muslims- these are VERY different things and you need to not conflate the two. Mainly, and I made this point to the Argus… when you broadcast unfairly that something is a hate event you incite the very violence we all abhor. Out come the frenzied protesters and some crazy Jihadist or some crazy right winger on the other side shows up ready to shoot. De-escalation is a better path for bloggers and journalists and it starts with you dropping your inflammatory and unfair labels.

  7. Porter Lansing

    Hating Islam means you hate Muslims. It’s exactly the same thing and anyone who tries to tell you different is misleading, misdirecting and a liar … and possibly deserving of a personal fatwa.

  8. Steve Hickey

    Porter, I hate your speech and ideology but I’d probably like you and I certainly don’t hate you. You lefties need to embrace a bit of tolerance. If someone doesn’t think just like you, you call a fatwa and throw molotov cocktails through store windows and turn over parked cars.

    Relax. This aggression will not stand, man.

  9. Porter Lansing

    You wouldn’t like me, Hickey. You preach hatred of an entire religion and try to downplay it when confronted. There’s a special place in the afterlife for those who profess to teach the gospel of Jesus but spew the hostility of Hades towards our co-inhabitants on Earth be they believers or non-believers.

  10. Next thing we’ll hear here is: “I have a friend who’s a Muslim.”

  11. Porter Lansing

    Either Candidate Jackley doesn’t know about their hate agenda or he buys into it. One would hope it would be the former and not the latter. Usually it’s found that whenever there is some kind of public official that associates with this hate group, they usually know what they’re doing.

  12. Well you know, South Dakotans have to live up to their “Mississippi of the South” reputation.
    I wouldn’t vote for anyone that goes to these hateful fear fests. My respect for Krebs has lowered.

  13. David Newquist

    Orwell’s 15 minutes of hate have been expanded into multi-hour sessions. Theological shysterism has muddled Christianity into an amorphous blot which can accommodate any bigoted hatred imposed on it. That’s how the Christian worldview requires attendance

  14. I meant Mississippi of the North.

  15. happy camper

    Thanks Hickey for being honest.

  16. Andy Johnson

    In a better world, we would want the Attorney General to at least send a deputy to meetings like this, to keep tabs on them. And then we would trust that the AG was of course not suckered by the hate rhetoric. But, yes, Cory, now it’s just as likely that Jackley and Krebs are sympathetic to the ideas.

  17. Bingo, Andy. The AG can send a deputy, or someone lower, someone who won’t be noticed and bragged about by organizer as a sign that a high state official is validating their hate propaganda with his presence.

    Or better yet, you don’t go at all, since why does law enforcement need to surveil any public political gathering?

  18. happy camper

    The Southern Poverty Law Center put Ayaan Hirsi Ali, an Ex-Muslim atheist who suffered Female Genetical Mutilation on their list. Both they and Cory have no credibility on this issue. Did you attend the event?

  19. happy camper

    I heard Cory was a Communist and abused his students, pass it on.

  20. A lot of what is in Sharia Law is taken out of context and it is not really portrayed as law in the Koran, it is a set of guidelines to live by.
    Yes, women are treated as second class, just like the bible.

    There is a wide spectrum of Muslims that practice sporadically just like Christians. Around 70% of Americans Muslims identify as democrats so they are not an evil people with an religion the republicans like to portray them as.

    Oh, and female genital mutilation is not mentioned in the Koran, that is a tribal ritual.

  21. mike from iowa

    Disgraced Drumpf bud Michael Flynn has been a board member of ACT for America. Now there is some tarnished brass.

  22. And O, there’s the problem: Jackley and Krebs aren’t telling us. They want the appearance to shore up their support among the bigots, but they don’t want to put anything on the record defending their pandering to the bigots. They know that if they do try to say anything, they’ll end up sounding stupid like Al Novstrup.

  23. Hickey, I don’t even spend time in Christian church. Why would I want to clutter up my schedule with long mosque visits translating their religious texts and chants? I shouldn’t have to go to anybody’s house of worship; in our pluralistic democracy, all I need to know about a religion should come in public interactions. If I’m able to go about my day without their religion getting in my way, everything is fine. If your prayers or practices slow me down, keep my kids from learning, impose policies on me and my neighbors whose only motivation is religious, then your religion needs to be put on a leash.

    Jackley and Krebs are supporting bigots whose attitudes make recruiting workforce difficult and thus imperil local economic development. They also make Rapid City, Aberdeen, Sioux Falls, and South Dakota look like jerks. And bigotry, racism, and false conspiracy theories aren’t moral. Jackley and Krebs need to be put on a leash, as do all these anti-Islam criers who are clinging desperately to their browning Whitopia.

  24. happy camper

    You know it’s bad when Saudia Arabia is calling others (Iran) extremists: “How do you have a dialogue with a regime built on an extremist ideology … that they must control the land of Muslims and spread their Twelver Jaafari sect in the Muslim world,” Mohammed said in the interview with MBC television, which was also broadcast on Saudi state television.

    He was referring to the leader of Iran’s 1979 Islamic revolution, Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, who overthrew the monarchy.

    He said that Iran’s ideology was based on belief that “the Imam Mahdi will come and they must prepare the fertile environment for (his) arrival … and they must control the Muslim world.”

    The extreme parts of these cultures need to be understood. Learn more rather than point fingers.


  25. happy camper

    You don’t know their motives Cory, you’re smart, but you’re not a mind reader.

    The Prince went on to say the Saudis would not sit and wait for war but would “work so that it becomes a battle for them in Iran and not in Saudi Arabia.”

    Iran’s defense minister, Gen. Hossein Dehghan, says that Iran would advise against “such a stupidity” because in that case, nothing would be “left in Saudi Arabia except Mecca and Medina,” the two holy cities.

    My point is, when there are such over-the-top crazy theocracies in charge of much of middle east, there are complications. So many Muslim women have few civil rights, so criticism is warranted, and fear of what’s driving these theocracies is warranted too.

    In the void of an honest conversation about all that is Islam, which happens because anyone questioning Islam gets called a bigot, something will fill that space.

  26. mike from iowa

    Aren’t there a bunch of fauxknee wingut kristians wanting to take over Jerusalem to prepare for the rapture? They are kooks and dangerous-just like radical Islamists they want their ideology to be the only one.

  27. happy camper

    But Mike, you’re doing this thing Liberals do. This group has 100 of them, that group has 1 of them, so they are the same. No, Iran and Saudia Arabia are large countries. Why are you so afraid of degrees, shade, gray? Somehow the liberal mind can’t deal with it.

  28. The real point here…Is there a risk the SDDP won’t field a democrat for the office of governor?

  29. No, no, no, DR, you’re reading too much Dakota War College. That’s not the real point at all. I introduced the story with a hypothetical, one that I would be entertaining for real if I were still a Republican getting ready to participate in the GOP primary: Jackley or Noem?

    The real point here is why do two statewide elected officials and Republican candidates attend a bigotry pageant and then refuse to comment on why they attended?

  30. happy camper

    Oh lord bigotry pageant you just don’t quit. Any public person should be able to attend a private event and decide for themselves what it means to them. You criticize because they should have sent someone unrecognizable. The Democrats are so irrelevant they don’t need to pander to anybody. You really like to roll around in the mud.

  31. Porter Lansing

    You kinda’ get off on the hate porn, too. Huh, you old pervert.. Happy?

  32. happy camper

    You’re so irrelevant all you can do is get louder and uglier. Keep that face long enough it will be permanent. If you want to attract voters, speak to the issues honesty.

  33. Porter Lansing

    Hapster … Do you go to these “hate porn” shows with ACT and the Muslim Stompin’ Jug Band?

  34. happy camper

    You ain’t gettin no younger but you’re sure ain’t gettin no smarter.

  35. Porter Lansing

    Smart enough to see that there’re enough Islamophobes that seem to think Sourh Dakota is in need of their bigotry that maybe y’all can carpool together to the next Hate Porn Show. Might get one of those camouflaged mini vans? No need to name names, huh?

  36. CA Escapee

    I did not attend this event, but what kind of hate comments were made that made this an anti-Muslim “Hate” event? Who made the comments and were they challenged? Did any Democrat, Libertarian or other party candidates attend this event?

  37. Nope, won’t quit. Jackley, Krebs, and Novstrup should be ashamed of attending any such event and not denouncing the bigoted, conspiracy-theorist, un-American, and unfactual content.

    CAE, see the original RCJ article and CAIR response for examples of content to which any good gubernatorial candidate should object.

  38. happy camper

    All these lists and over-the-top rhetoric should make one uncomfortable. We can find a link and go down any path we want. Let’s try it:

    CAIR is a terrorist organization and funds Islamic militant groups. Cory is citing these known terrorists as legitimate experts. If you’re not denouncing terrorism, what does that make you? Is Cory sympathetic to terrorists? Could he hold radical ideas too? Right here in South Dakota a known blogger does not renounce terrorism and actually sides with the terrorists. Maybe the DFP should be on some list too. For more on CAIR refer to the Huffington Post article.

    “The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) and Muslim American Society (MAS) were included in an approved list of designated terrorist organizations under an anti-terror law issued by President His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Emirates News Agency reported.

    CAIR faced scrutiny in 2011 when it was accused of being an “unindicted co-conspirator or joint venturer” with the Holy Land Foundation case — an Islamic charity that was convicted of funding Islamic militant groups in 2008. A federal Judge Jorge A. Solis denied CAIR’s request to be removed from the list of “co-conspirators,” which included 245 other groups and individuals, but Washington Post notes that the government has never raised criminal charges against the group.”


  39. Porter Lansing

    HATE NEWS … Hapster. C’mon, man. You side with that bastion of human rights, U.A.E. over the U.S. State Department? Your agenda is clouding your common sense, as usual. Sunni Arabs denouncing Shia Muslims? That’s a bit too common to be a valid indicator of anything.
    Of course, USA diplomats have no problems with CAIR and MAS and have demanded UAE remove the hate label. Try again … no, never mind. Hate grows like cancer without your help.
    Video: U.S. Rejects UAE Labeling of Two American Muslim Groups

  40. happy camper

    No Porter, once again you miss the point that “lists” by supposed experts are dangerous and easily exploited propaganda as Cory chooses to do. By using the lowest common denominator over and over, he loses credibility and respect of the reader. He’s going in the wrong direction, desperate perhaps as he sees Democratic chances in SD are futile. Whatever the cause it’s not the right path to take.

    The Southern Poverty Law Center is off track as well:

  41. Porter Lansing

    Horses Ass, You are. You’re telling us that you posted fake news – hate speech as an example of what not to do, knowing full well that whack-jobs like Hickey, elle, that John Birch guy in the Hills and all the other bigots would read it and use it to bolster their hate agendas? AND … had I not called you on it you’d have just left it hanging as if it were legitimate? You knew what you were doing was fake-hate news. What’s wrong with your personality? That’s as deviant, deceitful and distasteful as anything I’ve seen done here. Don’t talk to me anymore, swinehundt.

  42. Porter, we are all russian now, so it is whatever putin says. happy is just a doing as his leader does with the fake news.

  43. CAIR is not a terrorist organization.


    Marty Jackley still hasn’t defended his attendance at the Rapid City hate fest.

  44. happy camper

    Heidelberger don’t toss out everyone not on the left. People dedicated to reason probably aren’t eager to attach themselves to any labels. I’m with Hitchens:

    The West needs to take the threat of fundamentalist, militant Islam more seriously, controversial British commentator Christopher Hitchens told a predominately older audience at the Geology Corner auditorium last night. In an hour-and-a-half program, the liberal-socialist contrarian with a wry British wit and a sharp English tongue offered up barbs against Osama bin Laden, Muslims, liberals and Jacques Chirac. In an at-times rambling, back-and-forth exchange with audience members, Hitchens also denounced organized religion.

    “You don’t have to be paranoid, racist or a bigot to take alarm,” he said. “There is a civil war within Islam. We are not in a war on terror. We cannot be at war with an expression.”

    Hitchens, an editor for Vanity Fair, described himself as an atheist and issued a sharp rebuke of the Muslim prophet Muhammad.

    “Of course, he’s not a prophet,” he said. “He’s an epileptic plagiarist.”

    He said the Quran — Islam’s holiest book — was full of “evil fairly tales” that were “unimaginably recycled.”

    “It’s a boring plagiarism of the worst parts of Christianity and Judaism,” he added.

    CAIR describes this as incitement. That is defined as the act of provoking unlawful behavior or urging someone to behave unlawfully. He was just being honest!


  45. mike from iowa

    Hitchens is dead (bigtime/longtime). Evil Mooslims ate him for breakfast.

  46. happy camper

    His words live on. He was a brilliant man who spoke his mind, but the idea that his criticism of Islam is described as unlawful by CAIR is telling. We can burn the bible and piss on it. Do that to the Koran there may be a riot and people dying. Not the same.

  47. happy camper

    Hey morons, how do you pray to Islam? Get down on your hands and knees. Here are 1,590,000 results to show you how. Allah is the greatest!


  48. Brilliant mfi! happy says he wants to be with him..lol,

  49. mike from iowa

    HC-I suspect somewhere, some place your criticism of everything in general is against the law.

    Get on yer knees and thank Karma you are an American and still have that right. Wingnuts are trying to disabuse you of the notion you are free to complain.

    Hitchens got more liberal and open minded as he got older. Mayhaps he saw the light before it was too late.

  50. happy camper

    Can we criticize and mock Islam? Not according to CAIR. Worse obviously is the violence over the cartoons and Koran burning but we in the west are the intolerant ones?

    So we censure ourselves out of what seems like good judgment so no one gets hurt, but we can’t give up our free speech laws as others have done.

    We have something very special here we just can’t lose, or worse willing give away because we don’t want to offend or want to accommodate.

    Get down on your hands and knees. Pure act of superstition.

  51. Oh happy, I’ve lived amongst Muslim in MN for 15 years and I can honestly tell you I have never had any problems with them. They’re hard workers, family is important to them and they contribute to society here by paying taxes and working.
    I don’t agree with the women having to cover themselves up but that doesn’t stop me from befriending them.
    Somali workers are some of the hardest workers around I’ve noticed.

  52. I’ve had Somali neighbors and the women of the households are some of the nicest friendliest chatty folks I’ve ever met.

  53. happy camper

    Then Jenny, you are also guilty of painting with only one brush, like the haters get described. Of course Peace Loving Muslims are not the terrorist issue, though still up for ridicule is superstition, veils, FGM (part of their culture if not directly tied to Islam), the continuum right down the line to the most benign form of practicing the faith.

    But when Cory calls CAIR the experts and their own website calls criticism of Islam incitement, that’s a problem. Of course nice people are not out to offend each other, but the basis of free speech is you get to speak honestly or where would we be? Without it, our culture would not have advanced either.

    An example, Porter said if woman didn’t have to wear the veil, they would still want to wear it anyway. Really? He sounded like some guy back in the 1920s saying his little woman wouldn’t want to vote, just ask her. We’re talking about equality and civil rights.

    Too many liberals are on the wrong side of this argument.

  54. bearcreekbat

    happy, I still don’t get your “argument.” I understand that you and others fear people who practice Islam, but so what? What do you think we, as a people, need to do to calm your fears?

    Jenny is not afraid of these folks and neither am I. Is it your hope to incite fear in us too? And if you can accomplish that goal, what is it you want us to do with that fear – go into hiding? Hurt others?

    What exactly is your “argument” that liberals are on the wrong side of?

  55. happy camper

    For some reason BCB, you don’t seem able to grasp degrees.

    Farthest out Political Islam, what is the right policy? Should we go into Syria, work with Russia. Do nothing?

    What about the Fundamentalists who want to practice Sharia Law and carry with them, lets say culturally the barbaric of FGM? Do we say, ok, do as you wish? Or do we concern ourselves?

    Then, less fundamental, women who are forced to wear veils and be second class citizens even in the west, who in Europe often attend private theocratic schools. Is that all good, or should we be vocal about expecting they get equal rights?

    Wanting to understand the whole picture is not fear mongering. There are many, many different ways Islam is practised around the world. Why are you afraid to look at this? This is why paradoxically, you are not liberal.

  56. Porter Lansing

    Camper’s arguments are no more valid than saying “Gay men reproduce by molesting young boys.” It does happen a lot but pathologizing all gay men is as invalid as pathologizing Islam.
    About the veil … NYTimes interviewed a hundred women. Here’s their stories. (Happy Camper doesn’t know any Muslim people. He reads hate speech and believes it because it’s like porn to him.)
    “My veil has never stopped me from doing anything, and I refuse to let people’s stares and comments get to me. I’m only using my freedom of choice and expression, and I have every right to express my belief in this way as long as it’s not violating anyone else’s rights.”

  57. happy camper

    Yeah right Porter doesn’t hold water. Back in the day many women didn’t care about politics (or weren’t allowed to), so many didn’t even support women’s right to vote. But lets fast forward they vote and care about equal rights today. It’s a modern expectation.

    If Islam is practiced, to whatever degree and removes civil rights, it’s wrong. If Islam is practiced in a benign way, different story, but liberals are supposed to be about equality.

    When I say some liberals are on the wrong side of the argument, people like me see you supporting oppression in the name of tolerance. It makes no sense.

  58. happy camper

    To whatever degree Islam is practiced and removes civil rights and equality, it’s wrong. Can’t we agree about that?

    Gotta go. Think about it.

  59. Roger Cornelius

    Happy seems to have difficulty answering Bear’s question.
    Don’t say you answered Bear’s question because you haven’t.

  60. mike from iowa

    So we censure ourselves out of what seems like good judgment so no one gets hurt, but we can’t give up our free speech laws as others have done.

    I’m thinking of a current political party in control of the entire US gubmint that is arresting people who exercise their 1st amendment rights to disagree with politicians. Now it isn’t the Libs. It isn’t Islam. Can you name that political party in less than three notes, HC? Because I can.

  61. bearcreekbat

    happy’s rants about fearing people due to the teachings of old religious books about resrticting women’s rights somehow overlooks the teachings of the Bible:


    And he does not even mention the Lord’s instruction on how Priests must force unfaithful women to abort their fetuses. Numbers 5:11-31.


    Roger, you are right, happy did not even try to answer my questions. For some unknown reason he seems fearful only of Islam. He fears practices that are already illegal in this Country. I can’t tell if he wants us to declare war on foreign nations who impose religion into their laws. Yet, he says nothing about the threats of non-Muslim nations like North Korea or Russia.

  62. happy camper

    For me this argument is about human rights, period. What was first a concern about how Radical Islam might affect us, now it’s just as much how it affects other Muslims.

    My argument has been consistent, though not properly stated from the beginning that being liberal means believing in equality, and anything that infringes on that is a problem, to varying degrees of that inequality. If you’re not on board with that, as the basis of judgment for any religious or political establishment that infringes on those rights, then we have no common ground.

    This post was about Islam. Cory likes it when you stay on topic.

  63. Roger Cornelius

    For once I find myself agreeing with Happy that this argument is about human rights and I might add civil rights.
    The anti-Muslim/Islam crowd readily brings up how Muslims treat women and other atrocities, we should all find these practices unacceptable.
    However this raises another issue for me, how are women treated in the United States?
    Aside from the equal pay for equal work, a government constantly sticking their stinky nose into the health care for women, we have our own atrocities.
    At any given time there are at least 10 active serial killers working the streets of America claiming lives of hundreds of you girls and women.
    Domestic abuse remains at all time high and out of control, men beat and murder their wives on a daily basis in America.
    Stalking, raping and terrorizing women is also a problem that causes many women to fear the people that should be protecting them.
    America is a white male dominated society where they write the laws and often fail to enforce them.
    Now tell me how these crimes against American women are different from the crimes committed on Muslim women.

  64. bearcreekbat

    What Roger said! Actual conduct harming women deserves condemnation, not mere membership in the same odd religion of the abusers and criminals. Plus, regardless of what a particular religion’s ancient text mandates, anyone harming women deserves arrest and punishment.

  65. Rick Robinson

    I am so sorry I missed it. I am moved to join ACT for America so I dont miss another event! America First!

  66. So, Rick, who moved you more to that decision, Jackley or Krebs?

  67. Rick Robinson

    I have seen the evil that Islam teaches in action. It is something we do Not want here in America. They either assimilate into our culture or they are not welcome.

  68. Porter Lansing

    Geeez, Rick. That’s exactly what I think about you. Continue to be a hater and you’re not welcome in our culture.

  69. Yawn, Rick, not what I asked. Who inspired you more, Jackley, or Krebs, to join a hate group?

  70. Porter Lansing

    Cory, please check and see if Rick Robinson is a real person or one of those cyber-bot, hate group robo-posters I saw a warning about. They’re popping up everywhere. Reagan once said, “Trust and verify.” but now it’s more like, “Don’t believe anything you see until it’s verified … twice.”