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Podcast 009: Brian Sharp, Moms’ Lives Matter, Azarga, “Inclusive” Republicans, and Trump’s First 100 Days!

Brian Sharp (right) speaks to CAH from the Sharp farm east of Aberdeen.
Brian Sharp (right) speaks to Dakota Free Press from the Sharp farm east of Aberdeen.

Whoo-hoo—the newest Dakota Free Press podcast heads to the farm to interview school board member Brian Sharp, who is running for reëlection. Sharp is the only active farmer on the school board, and he says that unique ag perspective is important in a school district that serves a large ag community outside of Aberdeen city limits and that will offer vocational agriculture classes for the first time at its A-TEC Academy next fall.

But first, Spencer and I talk about bad abortion politics causing more women to die in Texas, a Chinese company applying to dig for uranium and dump toxic water in the Black Hills, and Republicans pretending to be “inclusive.” We also talk about what we’ve learned (and what Donald Trump hasn’t) from Trump’s first 100 days in office.

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Maternal Mortality in Texas and California

Azarga/Powertech in the Black Hills

Inclusive Republicans?

Trump’s First 100 Days

Brian Sharp, candidate, Aberdeen School Board

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