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Call To Erdogan Shows Trump Working for Muslim Brotherhood?

Donald Trump called Turkey’s President Recep Erdogan Monday to congratulate him on cementing his authoritarian powers through a narrow referendum vote marred by accusations of “massive electoral fraud.”

The simple explanations for Trump cheering another tyrant include the White House’s assurance that Trump was just shoring up relations with a strategic partner in fighting Syria and ISIS, that Trump loves strong men far more than democracy, or he just wants to keep taxes low on Trump Tower Istanbul.

But the explanation that should have Trump’s hard-core anti-Islam base freaking out is the Clare Lopez explanation:

Clare Lopez, tweet, 2017.04.19
Clare Lopez, tweet, 2017.04.19

Lopez, like Ron Branstner and the fact-free Aberdonians who pay their fright, peddles the unproven conspiracy theory the Muslim Brotherhood has infiltrated the United States government. If I slide into the Lopez/Branstner world, the fact that “Erdogan’s office had sought the conversation with Trump prior to the referendum and it was agreed in advance that it would take place” leads me immediately to the conclusion that Trump is the Infiltrator-in-Chief.

Got that, Trumpites? Donald Trump, your supposed savior, is working with the very devils you fear… or so should go the “thinking” you cobble together from your favorite anti-Islam traveling speakers.

Trump working for the Muslim Brotherhood—wow! That conspiracy theory should complicate Neal Tapio’s effort to play his Trump cards if he runs for Congress.


  1. mike from iowa 2017-04-20

    Remind me which Drumpf Drumpfista was trying to negotiate an extradition of former Turkey Cleric Gulen for his Turkey client Erdogan. Oh yeah, it was that Mike Flynn – double agent who no longer works for America.

  2. Porter Lansing 2017-04-20

    Neal Tapio’s Trump cards. Good one. 👍🏻

  3. mike from iowa 2017-04-21

    Drumpf is also backing Marine La Pen in France. Loser.

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