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Ravnsborg Running for Attorney General; Democrats, Pounce!

Jason Ravnsborg
Jason Ravnsborg

KCCR Radio tweets that Yankton lawyer Jason Ravnsborg has announced his candidacy for Attorney General.

Ravnsborg’s only previous candidacy, his 2014 bid for the Republican nomination for U.S. Senate, showed him to be a feckless campaigner who finished fifth in the primary with only half as many votes as scam artist and petition felon Annette Bosworth. But Ravnsborg gained some publicity from that bid and has maintained his profile around the state by speaking to local Republican groups about the dangers of Islam and sharing his spin on ballot measures.

Democrats, if Ravnsborg is the SDGOP’s only offering for Attorney General, your chances of winning the Attorney General’s seat in 2018 just increased 50%. Any smart, articulate young Dem with a law degree can easily outshine Ravnsborg on the campaign trail and in debates. Let’s start recruiting!

Related Coincidences:

  1. Back in 2014, one political operative alleged that Ravnsborg was recruited by Dan Lederman to run for U.S. Senate.
  2. Less than two weeks after lawbreaking Saudi agent Lederman wrests the SDGOP chair from sitting chair and mainline SDGOP pick Pam Roberts, Ravnsborg announces his bid for a nomination that will be decided at the Lederman-controlled 2018 SDGOP convention.
  3. The same day, long-time Lederman crony Pat Powers leaks the Ravnsborg announcement, then announces that the SDGOP is a new paying advertiser on his blog Dakota War College.

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