Heidelberger Ties Novstrup in Westport, Wins Stratford!

Clearly I need to spend more time campaigning in Westport and Stratford:

SDSOS 2016 election results, screen cap, 2016.11.10
SDSOS 2016 election results, screen cap, 2016.11.10

I tied Al in Westport and beat him in Stratford! Whoo-hoo! I’ll bet if I go have a root beer and a Hot Beef Combo up at The Shed (which just scored 100 on its health inspection), I can boost my Westport tally by 16% and win! But then there’s ham and cream cheese hotdish at the Lone Wolf in Stratford… mmm!

Westport and Stratford are outside of District 3, where I ran unsuccessfully for our Senate seat. But with the “voting center” system, Brown County residents can vote at any of the eleven polling places in the county on election day. An Aberdeen District 3 resident visiting her District 1 grandma up in Hecla can vote at the Hecla Community Center. A Bath District 3 resident can bop over to Groton or Stratford in District 2 to avoid all the lines here in the big city.

Now, if I can win all 90 of the out-precinct votes in Brown County, I’ll only have to flip another 1,114 votes (29% over this year’s Heidelberger turnout) in Aberdeen to win in 2018!

12 Responses to Heidelberger Ties Novstrup in Westport, Wins Stratford!

  1. Seriously, there is something really wrong with you.

  2. Porter Lansing

    Ham and Cream Cheese Hotdish? Outstanding idea ✯✯✯✯✯ hehehe

  3. mike from iowa

    Sure there is something wrong with Cory. He is one of the extremely few bright lights in an otherwise drab Dakota electorate. He is conscientious. He states a clear policy and explains himself to people with questions. He is honest, hard working, and has the best, noblest interests for all South Dakotans foremost. What’s not to like?

  4. Seriously, Steve O, what would that be? That I refuse to be worn down by a bummer election or by your persistently negative comments and can find amusement in winning the all-important Stratford vote? You clearly need more hotdish.

    Mike, thanks for the love! Back at you!

    Porter, do you have a recipe for that stuff? Perhaps more importantly, for those of us watching our girlish figures, do you have a calorie count?

  5. Porter Lansing

    Approx. 450 calories per serving – PS… I love Groton. I dated one of the Grote girls way back in the early 70’s. She was so sweet and kind. Worked in the BIA at the Federal Center.

  6. Roger Cornelius

    I just took a quick gander, that’s all it really requires, over to the Pat Powers Dump Site.
    What a pathetic site to behold for a guy that claims to be the #1 political blog in South Dakota.
    He has this guy called Anonymous that comments on anything and there are only a handful of people with real names.
    What is it? Are republicans too embarrassed to comment on their own blog?
    Powers can’t even come close to competing with Cory on blog posts and commenters.

  7. Porter Lansing

    Republican leaders vowed to make President Obama a one term leader? fail
    Democratic leaders vow to make President Trump the next Nixon? impressive

  8. http://www.startribune.com/voter-turnout-fell-in-mn-but-the-state-s-back-on-top/400746791/
    Cory, did you know that only 59% of SD eligible voters turned out compared to 74% in MN which leads the nation again in voter turnout (go MN!). What makes the drastic difference in two states and this is something the SDDP should focus on – getting people out to vote and voter registration. Are there a lot of SD ‘pubs that could be closet democrats? I thought SD was known as one of the higher voter turnouts in the country, not at all.
    Are there SD ‘pubs that just aren’t excited enough about their candidates. Fascinating stuff.

  9. Roger, life’s too short to even glance at websites that we know will profit you nothing. :-D

    Porter, we don’t have to make Trump the next Nixon. He’ll do it himself. He’ll overreach with his Attorney General and executive orders, and even the GOP leadership won’t be able to stand it. Trump will do himself in… and thanks to his failure, I’ll be able to win Westport, Stratford, and Hecla!

    Jenny: eligible voters? I thought SOS Krebs says we had 69.62% turnout. Is the StarTrib calculation based on total number of adults eligible to vote, registered or not?

  10. Porter Lansing

    Agreed, Cory. He’ll do it to himself. We just don’t want to get in his way with criticism that changes his path. I’ve heard, “When your opponent is digging his own grave, don’t take his shovel.”

  11. Roger Cornelius

    How about this?
    Omarosa Manigault Trump’s black outreach director today said, “It is so great our enemies are making themselves clear” because her boss has a long memory and we’re keeping a list”.
    Steve Colbert observed that Trump went from zero to Nixon in a matter of days.
    Trump’s enemies list will likely include every republican that was highly critical of him (Thune) as well foreign leaders and celebrities.
    Trump obviously never read the history of Richard Nixon and how his enemies list was just one component in his forced resignation.

  12. Omarosa’s Trump enemies’ list documented:


    I hope I make the list. Maybe Trump will send agents out to visit with me at the Stratford bar.