OST Presidential/VP and District 27 House Debates in Kyle Thursday!

Hey! The Presidential debates aren’t over! The Woksape Tipi Library at Oglala Lakota College in Kyle will host a Presidential debate and a Vice-Presidential debate on Thursday, November 3!

OST/District 27 debates, Woksape Tipi, Oglala Lakota College, 2016.11.03

Did I mention that’s Oglala Sioux Tribe Presidential candidates John Yellow Bird Steele and Troy Scott Weston and OST VP candidates Darla Black and Tom Poor Bear?

Making it a triple header, Woksape Tipi will also host a debate for District 27 House candidates Sen. Jim Bradford, Red Dawn Foster, Steven Livermont, Rep. Elizabeth May, and Everette McKinley. District 27 goes first at noon Mountain Time until 2 p.m.; OST VP and P speak at 4 p.m. until 6 p.m. The debates will also livestream on KOLC-TV and KILI Radio.

3 Responses to OST Presidential/VP and District 27 House Debates in Kyle Thursday!

  1. I hope you fellows out there realize I am very interested in this particular debate. If somebody knows where it might be you tubed and could print that blue link it would be good. I think the debates for 5 people going for 2 seats in the legislatures would be great, and while I know nothing about the VP race on the Piney Ridge they would be interesting. The real kicker would the the Prez elections between two well known fellows. It would be a very entertaining and educating evening, if somebody can tube it. Also this would be like that amendment V thing if the VP and P are elected separately so we could see that coming soon throughout the state if Mr. H and the chaotics have their way.

  2. Mr. Bradford, as an experienced politician you must have web videos and things available. Can you post a blue link for the movie to your debates because I, for one, would like to be able to view this but I cannot get to Kyle in two days. I know Mr. H would do it if he were not bogged down in his own speeching right now, but somebody else out here should be able to show up with a phone and record your talks. It would be neat if they could hook the phone up to the internet.

  3. Grudz, for live video and audio, click the links I included in the last sentence of the article to KOLC and KILI.