Latterell Shows Twitter World His Dismay at GOP Nominee Trump

David Montgomery and the rest of the Twitter world notice Rep. Isaac Latterell reacting to the South Dakota delegation’s vote for nominee Donald Trump at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland:

You’re not alone, Rep. Latterell. How could we?

10 Responses to Latterell Shows Twitter World His Dismay at GOP Nominee Trump

  1. This is epic.

    Brad Thor and I go way back (to May):

    If I remember correctly, South Dakota delegates for Pat Buchanan expressed similar disappointment in 1996 when Bill Janklow falsely announced their votes for Bob Dole.

  2. Darin Larson

    Classic. A picture or video in this case truly is worth a thousand words. Pence has got to be right up Latterell’s alley, however. Only one heartbeat (and a general election) away from legalized discrimination. It failed in Indiana, but Pence could give it a try on a national level.

  3. Latterell gets some press from that Sioux Falls paper, where he confirms what the staginess of his movements indicates (note how he checks the monitor above before facepalming), that his gesture was a deliberate act of protest. Latterell explains to Dana Ferguson, “I just think that it’s a sad day for the Republican party…. I don’t think that the candidate that was chosen has a chance of winning the election, or being different than the other nominee.”

    As usual, Pat Powers will brook no protest. He blasts Latterell for “drawing attention to himself” while being “wined, dined, entertained and hosted” at the convention. Pat just sounds envious over Latterell’s scoring a social-media coup and forcing him to stick his tin cup in the torrent of Google juice over a Republican National Convention that Powers would rather ignore.

    I can maybe see a point (one that Pat doesn’t directly make) about party loyalty and discipline obliging a delegate not to make faces behind one’s party leader during the state party’s one big moment in the national spotlight. But I must praise Latterell for answering the call of conscience that too many Republicans are ignoring. How many other Legislative candidates will be willing to disavow Trump this fall?

  4. Steve Sibson

    Perhaps Rep. Latterell will come to understand that America has been turned over based on Romans 1. The culture war has been lost. There is no fixing things politically. Instead we should focus on presenting the true gospel of Jesus Christ and concentrate on individuals instead of trying to fix America via the false dominion theology of the political right.

  5. The most noteworthy part of this clip was cut off by Cory. Only a second before Cory’s clip starts, Pam Roberts – who spent decades sucking from the public teat with cabinet posts and other high level positions in multiple GOP Party administrations – made a fool of herself by botching her one line and forgetting our state’s slogan “Great Faces, Great Places.”

  6. Roger Cornelius

    Leave it to Pat Powers to attack a fellow republican in his first and only post thus far about the RNC convention.
    Cory is right, Powers seems envious that he is not there to make a fool of himself.
    Isaac was one of the many republicans involved in on the floor fight on Monday to have a state by state roll call vote on adopting the convention rules which in part would have released pledged delegates to vote their conscience.
    What those delegates got instead was the dictator Trump saying no and causing a circus of questionable votes.
    In the first vote it was clear to release those delegates, but the convention chairman didn’t like that vote and called for another vote, that again was questionable, so he simply dismissed the vote.
    This is probably what Isaac is talking about when he calls the republicans corrupt.

  7. Troy Jones


    Thanks for the comment I saw on another thread. My work goes in spurts. Sometimes I’m working 80 hour weeks and don’t have time to go potty much less look at blogs. Sometimes, I don’t have anything to do but honey-do’s and read blogs. I’m in the tale end of the former.

  8. Douglas Wiken

    It is much ado about nothing. I fail to understand why any SD news outfit wastes 5 seconds on this.

  9. Ror, is that fuller clip available online? Not that I want to spend a lot of time picking on Pam.

  10. hahahahahah.

    trump is such a fool