Video: Democrat Denny Pierson on What’s Wrong with Our Legislature

Denny Pierson held his formal public kickoff for his District 13 Senate campaign at Sioux Falls Democratic Forum last month. Paul Schipper provides the video:


  1. Former legislator Pierson rightly roasts the Legislature for making more effort to put guns in schools rather than adequate funding. The Legislature has spent forty years ignoring an obvious economic development truth: “Business want to come to communities that have good schools,” says Pierson. “The best economic development tool that we have at our disposal is right under your nose: it’s called education.”
  2. Pierson says the Legislature’s neglect of education comes from brainwashing by the corporate-conservative American Legislative Exchange Council.
  3. Pierson sees a Republican Party that has turned from respectful civil discourse to “cynicism, outright bigotry, and demagoguery” that has led to corruption.
  4. Pierson says one man can’t do everything, but that’s no reason to sit back and do nothing. If every Democrat across the state does what she or he can do (running, volunteering, voting), we can win.

Pierson faces Republican newcomer Jack Kolbeck on the November ballot.

2 Responses to Video: Democrat Denny Pierson on What’s Wrong with Our Legislature

  1. Denny Pierson nailed the reason why we are running for the legislature. After awhile you either get involved or accept scraps from the table. I believe the people are finally with us.

  2. Harvey Wollman

    Denny is exactly the type of candidate we need to support. He has a long history of being right on the issues and the talent and energy to make a difference. He needs to be joined by many others and bring back the reason why we have a legislature to begin with. I’m tired of the “back scratchers” that have dominated the place since we left many years ago. Go Denny and you Sioux Falls people, get behind him with word and deed!!! Harvey