Video: Heidelberger Tells Democratic Convention No on 19, No on 20

Fellow Democratic Legislative candidate Paul Schipper (District 11 House) does voters the favor of posting my June 25 explanation to the South Dakota Democratic Convention of why we want to vote No on Referred Laws 19 (Incumbent Protection Plan) and 20 (youth minimum wage):

The youth minimum wage is bad for economic justice: both the youth minimum wage and the Incumbent Protection Plan are bad for democracy. Keep it simple: No on 19, No on 20!

13 Responses to Video: Heidelberger Tells Democratic Convention No on 19, No on 20

  1. dude u shud be one of those tv preachers. ud have mor job security. yellin! arms all over! healin & makin moolah!!!!!

  2. Roger Cornelius

    Now that’s a class act, Cory.

  3. Kris, yes, usually a successful politician starts with ‘the right’ message and sufficient use of body language. No, Cory should not be one of those tv preachers talking about anything like the complete ——– they pump to afford the ‘privilege’ of sitting on gold plated toilet seats on private jets – while they “spread the Gospel” all over the world.

    Cory would never. I ain’t know much in this world, but me know this.

  4. dude dat other site say the sd democratic party was fer making weed legel at da convention. dats sick!!!! too bad sd democratic party is dyin.

  5. Oh, the SDDP is not dying by any means. In a few years, all those refugees in Sioux Falls will be voting democrat when they become American Citizens! :)

  6. dats good but da late!

  7. jenny if u belive dat you been smokin good stuff or hotboxin. hahaha

  8. I know novelty accounts are a thing on other sites, but I can’t say as I’ve ever seen someone go out of their way to sound as if they have the grammar skills of a cardboard box.

    What exactly does this level of trolling bring to the table?

  9. mike from iowa

    Kris- you should be in de-tox, li’l stoner bud.

  10. Roger Cornelius

    The sadness here is that Kris would either feign or ‘choose’ to be illiterate in this day and age when there are vast educational opportunities.

    However, this post isn’t about Kris or Powers pot war, is it?

  11. I prefer cannabis cookies myself.

  12. Nada, Craig, other than the ability to distract readers from the main point, which is that Democrats to to unite behind the NO vote on 19 and 20, to defend voters and workers.