Novstrup, Perry Apply for Aberdeen City Council Vacancy

Quit staring at the papers, David. Look the voters in the eye and answer the question: yea or nay on HB 1182?
Will he tuck his shirt in for City Council meetings?

The man I will replace in the South Dakota Senate wants back into government. Perhaps wanting to make sure the city keeps issuing his dad’s Thunder Road the concession to operate the go-carts and mini golf at the city’s Wylie Park, David Novstrup has applied to fill the City Council vacancy left by the resignation of southeast ward councilor Laure Swanson, who stepped down due to a conflict of interest with her husband’s growing electrical business with the city. Expect the city to review the details of the Wylie Thunder Road concession lease before considering Novstrup for the post.

Carl Perry
The other guy in the running so far….

The other applicant for the southeast ward vacancy is Carl Perry, whom I run into at all sorts of Aberdeen events. He’s a senior VP at student loan collector Progressive Financial Services (which has been rumored to be laying off Aberdeen staff, which may be why Carl will have more time for public service) and serves on the board of directors of the Coalition of Higher Education Assistance Organizations.

City council is a non-partisan office, so the fact that Perry and Novstrup are both Republicans shouldn’t matter much. Perry is clearly the better spoken, better informed, and better equipped to lead of the two applicants. However, other interested residents of the southeast ward have until 1 p.m. Friday, July 15, to apply for the vacancy. The southeast ward consists of precincts 5, 6, and 11:

Southeast ward, Aberdeen, SD
Southeast ward, Aberdeen, SD

If your house is in the red, pink, or purple, you, too, can become a city councilor this summer!

11 Responses to Novstrup, Perry Apply for Aberdeen City Council Vacancy

  1. Carl also has a conflict of interest that wasn’t reported in today’s paper. He is the chair of the board at the Aberdeen Chamber of Commerce which receives over $100,000 in promotional funds from the City.

  2. That’s right, the Chamber! Does anyone in this town not have a conflict of interest with the City Council?

    DR, would Carl be able to avoid that conflict by stepping down from his Chamber position upon appointment to the Council?

  3. I would believe so.

    Heard from a councilman too, that before applying, Novstrup was checking with his attorney, the city attorney as well as the city manager if he could be on the council b/c of his business relationship with the city.

    Unlike Swanson’s business, where the city pays them, the Novstrups pay the city. My guess is he would have to abstain from voting if he were on the council any matters involving Thunder Road.

  4. I hope former council member Lloyd Hodgin applies for the position. Swanson defeat Hodgins a few years ago. Lloyd was a councilor who took the time to investigate and come up with solutions. Mayor Levson appoint Lloyd to the council, thinking Lloyd would back the mayor. Instead Lloyd was an independent thinker who came up with his own analysis and solutions, not always backing the establishment.

    Lloyd would be a great councilor again if he applied for the position.

  5. Would they let Mr. H be in the legislatures and be one of these councilors? I would think he might have something to add to Aberdeen problems. And it would be interesting to see him take on both Novstrups at once. I’m sure that younger Mr. Novstrup, who is a handsome and well-spoken man I am sure, would have night sweats for months.

  6. Is Lloyd still in the neighborhood, Scott? Is he interested in returning to public service? Does he need some persuading from his neighbors?

    DR, do you know when the city last approved the lease for Thunder Road? I’d like to review those terms. You’re right, the fact that he pays the city rather than the city paying him does change the conflict-of-interest situation… but his business depends on keeping that lease with the city. Before the city picks its vacancy filler, it had better take a hard look at its conflict-of-interest requirements.

    Grudz, wrong part of town! Don’t you remember last year’s move?

  7. SDCL 6-1-1 says local elected officials are not “to be interested, either by himself or agent, in any contract entered into by said county, municipality, township, or school district” to sell goods or services to the entity the officers serve or for “the purchase of any real or personal property belonging to the county, municipality, township, or school district….” Novstrups lease, not purchase, the property, right?

  8. I assume they lease the property.

    Lloyd is still lives on Bobbie Dr. In fact, the same neighborhood as Swanson.

    I do not remember the last time they talked leasing. Within the last couple of years I think. A quick call to Karl Alberts office should be able to get that for you.

  9. David Novstrup

    I am interested in serving on the City Council because I want to be involved in making decisions to make Aberdeen an even better community to live, work, raise a family, and retire. I also want to stay involved in government and continue to serve the people of Aberdeen. I believe the top priorities for the community are infrastructure and quality transportation, quality police and fire protection, and quality parks and recreational opportunities. These will be the areas I will focus on while on the council.

    I want to address your post about Thunder Road. I currently own a small percentage of Wylie Thunder Road’s shares and I am currently the general manager. If the council views this as a possible conflict for me I will sell my shares to another owner. The current contracts are not up for review by the city of Aberdeen until 2027 as Wylie Thunder Road has options to renew the current leases until 2027.

    I look forward to talking about issues that matter to the citizens of Aberdeen throughout the appointment process.

  10. Thank you for your service, Mr. Novstrup.

  11. Interesting note about the ownership question, David. Is your salaried GM position enough to trigger conflict-of-interest concerns?