Rory Hoffman Swings at Grand Ole Opry

Music break! Lemmon grad gone Nashville Rory Hoffman brings his Western swing to the Grand Ole Opry. SDPB reported on Hoffman’s crowd-pleasing Hank Williams rendition last week. Hoffman’s singing is great, but even greater is the pure pickin’ when Hoffman goes all guitar about one minute in.

By the way, Hoffman has never seen his guitar or the audiences who cheer him.

10 Responses to Rory Hoffman Swings at Grand Ole Opry

  1. Paul Seamans

    Thanks for the nice change of pace, Cory.

  2. mike from iowa

    Paul, check in every half hour so I don’t needlessly worry TransCan has had you kidnapped, okay? :)

  3. bearcreekbat

    What a great post – thanks Cory! Here is Rory playing a wonderful version of the classic “Roly Poly” –

  4. bearcreekbat

    I got to see Rory in person in Rapid City at Back Room Production’s annual Guitar Masters concert a few years ago. What talent!

  5. Paul Seamans

    mike from Iowa. Don’t pay the ransom, I escaped.

  6. My nephew worked with him when he did a recording session with Kacey Musgraves a couple of weeks ago. He owned the room.

  7. BIll DIthmer

    A left handed Jeff Healey

    The Blindman

  8. mike from iowa

    Not literally,I hope, Blindman. Jeff Healey passed a few years ago.

  9. BIll DIthmer

    Im a huge Healey fan MFI. He could and did play with anybody playing almost every type of music. For my money the best bar band of all time. Followed by George Thorogood.

    Rory would sure be fun to see live. It isnt very often that you get to see a different style on the guitar that is done that well. In the 80s I spent about a day with a Les Paul custom trying to learn the technique finally giving up for lack of talent.

    The Blindman