Hawks at SF Pride: Defend Equality from “Potty Police and Kim Davis Wannabes”

Exhausted from standing around holding coffee and excusing their own bad budgeting, our Congressional delegation appears to have skipped the Sioux Falls LGBT Pride event yesterday.

Candidate for U.S. House Rep. Paula Hawks did attend SF Pride, and she thanked politically engaged South Dakotans there for helping her and her sensible colleagues in the 2016 Legislature fight “the potty police and Kim Davis wannabes”:

“Equality is a South Dakota value”—that message should resonate with all progressive South Dakotans as well as with our true conservative Libertarian friends who value the liberty of all South Dakotans to live and love as they see fit.

15 Responses to Hawks at SF Pride: Defend Equality from “Potty Police and Kim Davis Wannabes”

  1. Steve Sibson

    “Equality is a South Dakota value”

    Except not by those whose pride bring expectations of special rights.

  2. bearcreekbat

    “Special rights” like the right not to be singled out and and subjected to bullying and being hurt by needless laws.

  3. Steve Sibson

    “right not to be singled out and and subjected to bullying”

    I certainly do not have that right in this “community”.

  4. mike from iowa

    You go out of your way to beg for abuse,Sibby. You need help.

  5. Steve Sibson

    Mike, thanks for proving my point. Imagine if I said that about people of pride.

  6. Roger Cornelius

    Let’s throw a pity party for unsuccessful blogger Sibson.
    When was the last time you had a new post and how many comments did it have, Sibson?

  7. Paula is the point. Like Bernie, dems are down in numbers in the state, but she is an exceptional candidate, principled, so how do we break thru the GOP and win with our candidate?

  8. mike from iowa

    Sibster-been to Orlando lately? You or someone like you is having a meltdown over a rainbow flag creating a hostile work environment.


  9. You always have to make it about yourself, don’t you, Steve?

    Leslie, Paula’s mission is to bring back the 100,000 Dems who have sat out since 2008. Showing that she’s a real Democrat by standing with the SF Pride crowd, affirming the values and throwing the punches she does in the above speech, and showing she’s markedly different from Kristi Noem will go a long way toward bringing those 100K back.

    And remember, Kristi Noem is the least popular of our Congressional delegation. Nobody on the GOP side this year is easy pickings, but relatively speaking, Kristi is the easiest.

  10. Steve Sibson

    “You always have to make it about yourself, don’t you, Steve?”

    Cory, I am trying not to. Others seem to want to make it about me. But it seems that politics is more important than solving the issues here. Sides are drawn, and you love the ones on your side, and hate the ones on the other side. I was hoping I could get some of you to realize that this political polarization is not healthy. At the end of the day, the democratic process creates losers in order to have winners. Why can’t we all work together and create only winners?

  11. Roger Cornelius

    Did you know that Sibson had a sex change operation paid for by the SDGOP?

  12. Well, I don’t care if any transgender needs to pee next to me or my daughter. Everyone knows how uncomfortable it is when you gotta go. My daughter I’m sure won’t be traumatized. :)

  13. The latest hip T-shirt “You can pee next to me”.

  14. Cool, Jenny! How about, “Pee with me, not on me”?

  15. Funny, Cory! (how’s the campaign going? I wish I was in Aberdeen, I would be a volunteer)