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District 22 Democrats Waging Cash-Free Primary So Far

The District 22 Democratic House primary is not a winner-take-all affair like the District 15 Democratic Senate primary, so we shouldn’t expect as much campaign finance action.

Darrell Raschke
Darrell Raschke—District 22 Dem primary cash champ (and that’s not saying much)

But of the three Democratic candidates vying for nomination to two ballot spots for House, only one shows any evidence of fundraising in pre-primary reports. Darrell Raschke of Huron has two donations: $1,000 from the state realtor PAC, and $250 from the state chiropractor PAC. Raschke has no contributions from individuals, and as of May 26, he hadn’t spent a penny on campaigning.

Carmen Dannenbring of DeSmet has even less going on. Her report shows no donations and no expenses.

I find no documents for Joan Wollschlager on the Secretary of State’s campaign finance reporting system.

District 22 Democrats still have to plow through Huron Republicans Roger Chase and Bob Glanzer in November to make to to Pierre. But I’m surprised that almost no one, including the candidates, has so far shown a financial interest in spending money to pick the right Democrats for that battle.

Update 2016.06.02 17:55 CDT: Wollschlager’s pre-primary report is up—her treasurer filed it weeks ago, but somehow it didn’t pop up until today. Sure enough: zero raised, zero spent.

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