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Noem Plies Fake ACA Poll to Raise Campaign Cash

Speaking of campaign fundraising fakery, Rep. Kristi Noem is begging for more cash under the guise of seeking public input. She’s floating this fake survey on whether we should “END Obamacare“:

Fake survey from Rep. Kristi Noem, screen cap, 2015.06.24
Fake survey from Rep. Kristi Noem, screen cap, 2015.06.24.

Rep. Noem loves these bogus polls. Such “polls” don’t really seek public input. They simply give her another way to harvest e-mail addresses and ask for money—and yes, when you click on “Submit Survey,” this poll sends you straight to Noem’s “Thank You—Donate Now!” page.

As is typical for bogus fundraising polls like this, the questions belie the fakery. Noem says her inquiry into readers’ views stems from the pending Supreme Court decision on King v. Burwell. Her poll question—”Do you support full repeal & replacement of Obamacare or do you believe the law should be ‘fixed’?”—poses a false binary in the context of that case. Noem ignores the distinct possibility that the Supreme Court will let the Affordable Care Act’s premium tax subsidies stand and that the Affordable Care Act thus will not need “fixing.” Noem doesn’t even offer a little comment box to allow respondents to really “share your thoughts” and expand on what their click means.

But Kristi Noem has never been interested in your thoughts. She’s only interested in your money.


  1. Porter Lansing 2015-06-24

    I demand an inquiry into “WHO WON KRISTI’S HAT!!!”

  2. jerry 2015-06-24

    NOem is just a grifter that knows she can pander on the taxpayer dime for her moolah. When it all sorts out with the court, she will be still doing the same regarding it. Her base is gullible and she knows it.

  3. jerry 2015-06-24

    Taxpayers are just ignorant when it comes to the ACA and Medicaid Expansion and NOem, along with Dumbgaard want to keep it that way. Here is where it has been going for taxpayers, expect it to worsen: “Elsewhere in Texas and in most of the 20 other states that have chosen not to expand Medicaid, residents pay local taxes to help support hospitals that care for uninsured people. On top of that, they pay a portion of the federal taxes that help subsidize Medicaid in the 29 states and District of Columbia that did expand the program to cover more people — places where residents can expect to see lower local taxes as more people become insured.”

    The republican base may think they are poking ole Obama in the eye, but their checkbooks will say differently. An unnecessary tax by a non business like approach to a simple problem. Too much for these guys as they want your donations as well as our tax dollars to fill their pockets while you go without. Long live the one party system, signed the Politburo of Pierre.

  4. Bob Klein 2015-06-24

    I agree it is a phony poll , meant only to harvest $ and addresses, but let’s not act like she’s the only one. I get such requests nearly hourly, all from democrats.

  5. jerry 2015-06-24

    Are the ones you get from the Democrats speaking of tax increases due to republican leadership failure while they try to fleece you of your moolah? I think not bob.

  6. larry kurtz 2015-06-24

    Noem: Money Ignores Little Fakery.

  7. Donald Pay 2015-06-24

    Welcome to marketing politicians and small donor campaign finance in the internet age. Hey, I got an email from Elizabeth Warren talking about the need for Sen. Ron Johnson to sign a petition to constrain the third party groups that spend money on campaigns in Wisconsin Well, I’m in favor of that, so I click, and up comes a nice automatic petition on behalf of the Russ Feingold campaign to send to Sen. Ron Johnson. So, I click on that, and assume I’ve done my patriotic duty, but up comes a donor screen. This is RUSS EFF-ing FEINGOLD, not Kriti Noem.

    Hey, I’m gonna vote for Feingold, and I’ll throw some money his way. I don’t need these gimmicks to do that, but I’d rather have this in my email, where it’s easy to delete, than in my mailbox, where nothing more than a few electrons have been wasted.

    Both Feingold and Noem are soliciting small donations, and using these semi-fake ways to do it. You and I, who maybe give a few dollars every election cycle, aren’t going to get the face time that a big roller would. I guess these fake surveys and petitions are better than nothing. I just wish they would really care enough about what we think that they would treat the survey honestly.

  8. Porter Lansing 2015-06-24

    CON EL DINERO, BAILA EL PERRO …..(Literally: With the money, the dog will dance. What it means: Anything is possible with money.)

  9. jerry 2015-06-24

    I am feeling the love for NOem on this, as she is the victim of the circumstance. That Warren, from Massachusetts no less, wow, she has her nerve attaching her name to Russ F in Wisconsin. We in South Dakota are in the eye of the hurricane, Howie maybe right, the big guy is pissed. How much do we need send her to take away the wrath? But do we dare? How do we know she has his ear? What if Warren is right? Do we send some love to Russ in Wisconsin? I say you betcha.

  10. jerry 2015-06-25

    The supreme court just said yes to NOem. This should also be a wake call to the state to expand Medicaid for our working poor, the most deserving of us all. Take away our high tax rate for that healthcare and use the tax money to fund our education professionals for our future.

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