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Madison City Commission Cool with Closing Egan Ave. for June 27 Nighttime 5K

Ignite the Night street closure application, filed 2015.05.19
Ignite the Night street closure application, filed 2015.05.19

Chuck Clement reports that new restaurateur Darin Namken appears to be persuading the Madison City Commission to close down Egan Avenue for a fun community event. Namken’s Pub House is sponsoring Ignite the Night, a 5K after-dark run/walk on Saturday, June 27. Namken says 350–400 people may come run around town with glow sticks that night. He told the city commission at their Monday, June 1 meeting that closing the Four Corners would help the event, and the city commissioners agreed, voicing support for the event and acknowledging approval of the street closure.

When the Madison Area Arts Council asked the commission to close Egan Avenue for musical events a few years ago, but Madison’s leaders expressed concern about blocking traffic and creating safety issues. The city commission’s resistance prompted the arts council moved its program out to Prairie Village. It’s good to see that Namken has managed to get through to commissioners the idea that prioritizing people and more cultural events over cars downtown every now and then is good for community development.


  1. Deb Geelsdottir 2015-06-06 17:07

    It sounds like a fun event. I hope it goes well.

    BTW, I forgot Prairie Village was there. I think I went once when I was in high school during the fall event. So it’s still there? Is it doing well? I hope so.

  2. Lynn 2015-06-06 19:18

    350–400 runners would be a huge success. 5k and 10k’s I remember had 60 or 70 but many towns have running clubs now.

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