Ravnsborg Gives Lunchtime Speech on Islam and ISIS in Aberdeen July 9

Jason Ravnsborg
What response to ISIS does Jason Ravnsborg recommend? Find out in Aberdeen July 9!

Brown County neighbors! After warming up the Eureka crowd last weekend, Jason Ravnsborg is bringing his ISIS road show to the Hub City on Thursday, July 9!

The Yankton lawyer, Army reservist, and former GOP Senate candidate will present “The History of Islam and the Islamic State” at the Brown County Republicans’ Reagan Lunch at Mavericks, 720 Lamont Street South, Aberdeen. (Hey, at Mavericks, shouldn’t we be calling it the McCain Lunch?). Mavericks serves a pretty good buffet, and the Republicans let darn near anyone have lunch with them, so mark July 9 on your calendar, come listen to Ravnsborg’s speech, and grill him afterward!

13 Responses to Ravnsborg Gives Lunchtime Speech on Islam and ISIS in Aberdeen July 9

  1. Will Jason make a grand entrance circling Eureka and Aberdeen piloting an A-10 Warthog before landing it at their airports before his presenting his ISIS seminar?

    I remember being on bivouac in January at Fort Leonard Wood playing war games during basic training and having A-10’s flying up above participating. It was pretty cool!

    Just kidding I know Jason was a transportation officer in Iraq. Just rubbing it in about that misleading photo. :)

    It would be interesting to hear what he has to say and ask questions but I wouldn’t pay for it.

  2. The states next attorney general…

  3. daleb,

    Come on! I know many of us are incredibly frustrated with what happens here in South Dakota a state we care about but it’s not that bad is it?

  4. Lynn, the event is free; you just have to pay for food, if you want it. Jason could bail out of an A-10 and parachute to Mavericks—it’s right on the flight path to the airport, isn’t it? ; – )

  5. Let’s all complete Dale’s sentence opening!

    …will not be Jason Ravnsborg (and if Jason thought so, he’d be doing the speech circuit on state legal issues, not foreign policy; might he be angling for House?)

    …will be hip deep in petition fraud complaints!

    …will be a brilliant young Democrat fed up with the constant corruption of the SDGOP!

    …will hire Cory Heidelberger as chief of election investigations!

  6. If it was in the bag he wound not risk that. He’d keep a somewhat low profile and the push would come at the GOP convention.

    Yes it is that bad.

  7. At least tom cotton was a combat, vet, no excuse for his 47 republican’s letter to Iran. the size of a warthog is equivalent to….no, i must be confused.

  8. hahahahahahahahahaha; it’s inconceivable that a company grade transportation corps reservist knows anything about war. It appears more like he’s a member of the short-haircut-starched-uniform-shiny-boots-club. And he’s proposing to speak of the ‘history of Islam and Islamic state’ in a few minutes?! Such hubris. Such nationalism.

  9. Roger Cornelius

    When I want to learn more about ISIS and their current status and capabilities, I tune into CNN where they have a wide variety of experienced military and state department providing the most updated information.

    CNN has been providing extensive coverage of ISIS for the past few weeks, you can tune in almost any time for updates.

    I’m not about to listen to any propaganda when it comes to such a sensitive subject.

  10. I’m eager to hear Ravnsborg’s speech on July 9. I assume he will begin with establishing his credentials on the topic. I will listen closely to see if it goes beyond the standard Fox News propaganda.

    Daleb, you get me wondering: is there an heir apparent to the AG’s spot? Ravnsborg doesn’t seem like a real GOP insider/fast-tracker… but is there anyone other young legal eagle gunning for the job?

    I still don’t see ISIS speeches as a logical platform for launching an AG bid.

  11. The only other one that is more of a GOP insider off the top of my head is Arends. But from the scuttlebutt ive heard, Ravnsborgs payment for being in the sen primary was the AG. Maybe you could throw Lederman in there too. 4 years from now maybe these ISIS/ISIL speeches will be more relevant, IDK. dont think it matters what he does…

  12. Maybe Ravnsborg’s ISIS/ISIL speeches are the only interesting thing he has to market himself and get his face in front of crowds even though they have little to do with running for AG. If The SDGOP has Ravnsborg as their nominee for AG that should be a gift for a SDDP candidate.

  13. Indeed, Lynn, image over substance. Being seen and making connections is more important than content.

    Boy, Dale, if my choices are Ravnsborg and Arends, that’s a pretty weak bench. There have got to be some other lawyers and state’s attorneys with more star power. How about Jackley’s assistant Pankratz? Or Minnehaha state’s attorney McGowan (is he a Republican?)?