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Brendan Johnson Speaks at Sioux Falls Democratic Forum Friday Noon

Loyal Dakota Free Press sponsor Democratic Forum of Sioux Falls wants you to know you can have lunch with Brendan Johnson on Friday:

Brendan Johnson, lawyer, South Dakota Democrat
Brendan Johnson, lawyer, South Dakota Democrat

Former U.S. Attorney Brendan Johnson will speak at the Democratic Forum in Sioux Falls on Friday, May 29.

Johnson will be discussing some of the major issues he worked on while with the Department of Justice and will be taking questions from the audience. He is currently in private practice as a partner in the firm of Robins Kaplan, LLP.

The meeting begins at noon at the Sioux Falls VFW, 3601 S. Minnesota Avenue.

The Forum is held every Friday. Lunch is available for a small price from 11:15 a.m. and throughout the meeting. The program is free and open to all interested persons [Democratic Forum, press release, 2015.05.26].

Wow! Brendan Johnson, recent U.S. Attorney, now working American Indian law and governmental investigations for a national law firm and involving himself in the leadership controversy among the Lower Brule tribe. If the Huron paper can give little ol’ me ink for philosophical musings on the definition “liberal” (it’s “fighting for liberty”!), that Sioux Falls paper ought to be able to send someone over to hear Johnson talk about his newsworthy doings…

…and so ought you! Lunch with Brendan Johnson! Friday noon, Sioux Falls VFW! (Oh, and someone ask Brendan is he’ll sign our referendum petitions!)

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