Blogger Speaks in Huron Tomorrow Noon on Referenda and Democracy

I might even put on a necktie!
I might even put on a necktie!

Why bother driving to Pierre for the Bosworth trial? You already know what the prosecution will say, what the defense will offer as distractions, and how the jury will rule. Come to Huron Thursday for some real political fireworks!

The Beadle County Democratic Forum is featuring me as their speaker tomorrow, May 21, from noon to 1 p.m. at Huron Events Center, downtown, 100 4th St. SW. I fouled up the schedule last time, but I will be there Thursday! I’ll talk for a few minutes about our current referendum petition drives and democracy, then take all the questions about South Dakota politics and blogging that we can cram into a Huron lunch break.

I’ll also be collecting petition signatures and recruiting circulators. If you’d like to sign our referendum petitions, come have lunch with the Beadle County Democrats! If you’d like to help circulate (and we still need help to reach the 13,871 signatures on each petition by June 29!), come grab some sheets from me at lunch and ask your friends and neighbors to help defend democracy!

5 Responses to Blogger Speaks in Huron Tomorrow Noon on Referenda and Democracy

  1. Bob Newland

    The AG has released his interpretation and comments on the tobacco transfer ban proposal. He claims it might prompt a challenge on constitutional grounds. He doesn’t offer details on that possibility.

  2. I’ll get on that tomorrow, Bob! Oh, and I heard from Kea Warne: the SOS does not have to wait for the fiscal impact statement to approve your petitions for circulation!

  3. Bob Newland

    Well, that’s cool. There are no end to reasons to go on living for another few months. I can hardly stop from peeing my pants waiting for the FIS.

  4. Deb Geelsdottir

    So how did it go Cory? Was it post worthy?

  5. mom called to say that she heard a really sharp guy at democrat forum today. i said, ‘oh, i’ve read his blog for years!’