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Governor’s Ag Summit Heavy on Big Ag Corporate Line

South Dakota Governor's Ag Summit 2015, brought to you by these fine upstanding corporate sponsors.
South Dakota Governor’s Ag Summit 2015, brought to you by these fine upstanding corporate sponsors.

Speaking of agriculture and corporations, let’s all sign up for the Governor’s Agriculture Summit, scheduled for Deadwood July 9–10. The corporate sponsors will spring for attendees to ride around the Black Hills all Thursday, including a stop at the Crow Peak Brewery in Spearfish for samples.

Once properly lubricated, Ag Summiteers will spend Friday hearing the best in industry propaganda. South Dakota Secretary of Agriculture Lucas Lentsch will start the show Friday with the usual boosterism about agriculture as South Dakota’s largest industry. Super PAC starter Brian Klippenstein will take the mic to warn against the evils of animal activists. Iowa State University economist Dermot Hayes will focus on international trade opportunities, although if coaxed, he may speak in favor of efforts by the government and McDonald’s to reduce antibiotic use in livestock. In a stunning reversal of usual practice, the Governor will allow Jeff and Jolene Stewart to talk about their 11-acre berry farm near Wagner and opportunities for local agriculture sales. But then we’ll get back with the program with swine expert Dr. Steve Meyer, who will likely provide the gloss of scientific and economic affirmation to South Dakota’s push for CAFOs CAFOs everywhere.

Aside from the Stewarts’ Aronia Acres, the Governor’s Ag Summit promises to continue Pierre’s focus on Big Ag. But hey, at least there will be beer.


  1. Nick Nemec 2015-05-07 08:00

    I will be unable to attend because I’ll actually be, you know, farming.

  2. Greg 2015-05-07 09:04

    The Governor’s Ag Summit really has little to do with farming or ranching. It has more to do with Big Ag, Agri Business, and the next CAFO that they can recruit. Daugard is completely out of touch with producers. This summit is only retreat in the hills so he can Wine & Dine Corporate Ag.

  3. caheidelberger Post author | 2015-05-07 10:04

    But what fun, Greg! Swing by Holabird, pick up Nick, and go run elbows over local beer and berries! Nick, you have a large workforce of hired hands who can run the farm while you, the CEO, are out networking, don’t you?

  4. mike from iowa 2015-05-07 10:13

    I didn’t see Farm Burro mentioned. It isn’t truly a big ag event without the jackasses from Farm Burro there.

  5. Paul Seamans 2015-05-07 10:25

    I have attended a couple of these summits. The visit to Aronia Acres is truly a departure from other summits. All other summits were geared towards big ag. Any time that Gov. Daugaard shows up at one of these type meetings he brags about making things easy for CAFO’s to come into the state.

  6. Ken Santema 2015-05-07 11:20

    At last years Summit there was Under Secretary Scuse to promote TPP. He only mentioned it in a couple of sentences.
    It appears this year Dr. Dermot Hayes will take on the role of promoting TPP. Hayes has been pushing TPP for a number of years now. The agenda makes it clear TPP and TTIP will be a focus for Hayes.

    I am happy to see a brewery as part of the tour this year. The sparkling white wine last year really wasn’t my sort of drink…

  7. MOSES 2015-05-07 16:31

    C.H. you know the Gov well .Will photo op Thune be there with a basket ball to get a three on three started.

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