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Deadwood Casinos Training Workers to Stop Cheating at New Games

Thanks to popular and Legislative vote, Deadwood casinos start offering craps and roulette on July 1. The new games mean new training for casino staff and gambling regulators in Deadwood:

With dealer training being performed by Casino Dealers School of Colorado by trainers Dave Brogan and Steve Kane, Deadwood Gaming Association Executive Director Mike Rodman explained arrangements being made to prepare industry personnel for the first rolls of the wheel and dice later this summer.

“The Deadwood Gaming Association worked with the South Dakota Commission on Gaming to create a coordinated training program that brought all Deadwood dealers, pit bosses, table game trainers, and managers along with the S.D. Commission on Gaming regulators together in a very intense six-week training program to coordinate proper game techniques, game protection, game procedures, and game regulation for craps and roulette,” Rodman said. “This came from the SDCG Commissioners’ direction that the industry must be absolutely certain that the integrity of these games can be assured on July 1.”

Trainers Brogan and Kane said classes started April 19 and will run through May 28. Upon concluding 120 hours of craps training or 60 hours of roulette training, participants will receive a certificate of completion [Jaci Conrad Pearson, “Deadwood Dealers Go to School for Craps, Roulette Training,” Black Hills Pioneer, 2015.05.02].

Deadwood has suffered some adverse publicity from accusations of collusion at the poker tables and the impression some casinos have given that they are not concerned about rooting out such coordinated cheating. The casinos and the gaming commission want to assure us with the craps and roulette training that the new games will be clean:

Brogan added the gaming commission was concerned about the integrity of the games, making sure players were paid the appropriate amounts, and, by the same turn, that players were not taking advantage of inexperienced dealers.

“The casinos were looking for game protection,” Kane said. “They also wanted uniformity, as players go from one house to another, everybody’s doing it the same way and doing it right, that there are procedures there for the integrity of the game” [Conrad Pearson, 2015.05.02].

It seems harder to cheat at craps and roulette than at poker, at least within the mechanics of the game itself. The information I find indicates that cheating at craps and roulette are more matters of distraction and simple chip theft than the elaborate collusion that teams can use to rig poker tournaments. But it happens, and we need sharp, honest casino workers to make sure such crimes don’t happen.


  1. bret clanton 2015-05-04 20:47

    This comment section is somewhat similar to the casino floors in Deadwood……

  2. caheidelberger Post author | 2015-05-04 21:48

    Bret, will craps and roulette bring folks back to those casino floors? Aren’t people interested in playing poker and slots any more? (And where can I get an online craps game to install in the sidebar?)

  3. Roger Cornelius 2015-05-04 22:07

    How about we talk about the really “cheaters”, the casinos themselves.

    It’s surprising how Deadwood holds on given their reputation for not paying out on video lottery and other machines.

  4. TimA 2015-05-05 00:41

    Craps, Roulette & Keno will not be the saviors of gaming for anyone in Deadwood. What you will find is that it will enhance the already robust gaming floors of the operators who will be installing those games. Craps will be an exciting addition to Deadwood but it won’t be available in most casinos. Predictions range anywhere from 3 to 6 craps tables being installed and up to 10 roulette tables being available on July 1st. Slots are still the primary draw as well as table games. The casinos willing to re-invest are already thriving and will continue to do so with the addition of craps & roulette. It will be a memorable summer in Deadwood!

  5. TimA 2015-05-05 01:00

    Roger, there are no cheating casinos in Deadwood. It’s unfortunate that you are willing to spew your ignorance in writing. Deadwoods reputation isn’t linked to video lottery, in fact, of the 3,000+ devices in Deadwood you would be hard pressed to locate just one VLT. I know there are a handful, but I challenge you to locate them. So how bout it Roger, please give us an example of how the casino’s in Deadwood cheated you. I’m sure your claim will be backed by facts and first hand knowledge?

  6. Les 2015-05-05 08:33

    I met a gent who maintains and sells slots in the southwest last winter. He claims those machines can only be set according to the gaming commissions rules, declared knowledge of SD’s laws and said they were the same.

  7. Nick Nemec 2015-05-05 08:54

    The key to remember when gambling is that the longer you play, the more likely you will lose, and the more you will lose. The house isn’t in the business to lose their money they are in the business to help you lose your money.

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