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Fewer Mountain Lions Bagged in Black Hills This Year

Mountain lion (photo from GF&P)
Mountain lion (photo from GF&P)

The Black Hills mountain lion season closed with better numbers than last year… if you’re a cat. The Black Hills Pioneer reports that hunters bagged 43 mountain lions (22 female, 21 male) in the Black Hills during the three-month season that closed March 31. That’s down ten from last year and well shy of the 75-lion/50-female quota. Game Fish & Parks offers a full list of mountain lions killed here.

BHP says hunters blame the lack of snow to help track the cats. But the real reason for the kill decline is that smart cats are moving to Sioux Falls for all those jobs Mayor Huether has created.

What are you thinking, cats? Mountain lion season remains open outside the Hills year-round. Get back to Rochford!


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  1. Deb Geelsdottir 2015-04-10

    Yay! Go cats!

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