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KSFY Shows Aberdeen Man Collecting Signatures to Refer SB 69 and SB 177

Meanwhile, my volunteers and I are out circulating petitions to refer the youth minimum wage and the anti-democratic petition reform bill… and KSFY gives us a bunch of airtime!

That’s how it’s done, folks: tell the story, tell what the Legislature is taking away from us, and get those signatures to take our democracy back.


  1. MOSES 2015-04-06

    Like our Gov wouldnt think this would happen,

  2. M86 2015-04-06

    Great to see this! If I was still a SD voter, I’d sign away on both.

  3. Jon Holmdal 2015-04-07

    Nice job Cory —Nice video presentation—we know those in power are getting their needs met–being a representative means representing all the people—of all age ranges–and doing that fairly.

    Jon Holmdal

  4. caheidelberger Post author | 2015-04-07

    M86, I wish we still had you on the rolls! If you still have friends voting here, send them my way!

  5. mike from iowa 2015-04-07

    Consider me an unindicted co-signer. Flock Daugaard and his band of merry weinies.

  6. rwb 2015-04-07

    Jon Holmdal, I wish what you wrote there was accurate. Actually, I think being a representative today (almost everywhere) means that they vote on behalf of the people in their district. But in reality, their actual constituents may be an entirely different group of people.

    So while they vote on behalf of the people who live in their district, they very frequently do not actually represent what the people in their district want.

    In my mind, that’s the most important factor in protecting the peoples’ right to initiate and refer laws in South Dakota. If the Legislature and Governor decide to put the screws to us, we can actually do something about it. I hope this tidal wave of frustration helps wash away some of the worst legislators.

  7. caheidelberger Post author | 2015-04-07

    The thing is, RWB, the legislators are currently willing to gamble that they can put the screws to us without provoking a reaction. The popular revolt against SB 166 (Sen. Brown’s effort to double signatures for initiative and referendum) showed that legislators will back down quickly if we respond in force. But they think they can wait us out, that we’ll get tired of responding in force. That’s one of the big reasons it’s important that we respond in force on SB 177 and SB 69.

  8. 96Tears 2015-04-07

    Who does Dennis Daugaard and the GOP super majorities in the House and Senate work against?

    1. Wage earners under age 18. They just cut your pay.

    2. Citizens upholding South Dakota’s unique legacy of initiative and referendum.

    Who does Dennis Daugaard and the GOP Legislature work for?

    1. Joop Bollen. They just can’t do enough to shield him and the rest of the players in the EB-5 racket.

  9. Les 2015-04-07

    Where is your sidebar link to the petitions and directions for circulators, Cory?

  10. rwb 2015-04-07

    Cory, I could not agree more with you.

  11. Les 2015-04-07

    Guess I was looking for a picture of DD and Brown bent over with Cory swinging his right foot. At least a flashing marquee. :)

  12. Joan Brown 2015-04-07

    It was good to see you on TV last night. I wish I could get someplace to sign the petitions. Actually I think the minimum wage should be higher than $8.50. I’m a college graduate that has had minimum wage jobs most of my life. When I was teaching school, elementary school teachers were making about $3500.00 a year and we had to teach a lot more subjects than they do now, plus be outside with our class at recess time. I’ve kicked myself a lot of times because when I was applying for jobs, a school superintendent from Minnesota came to Madison and interviewed me at my Aunt’s house and I was offered higher salary than in SD, but all my stupid self could think about was that was too far away from my boyfriend. Live and learn.

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