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Heidelberger Running for Aberdeen City Council; GOP Spinster Predictably Peeved

Spring abounds with irony: Brookings malcontent Pat Powers gripes about my candidacy for the Aberdeen City Council. (By the way, we drew ballot position this morning: I got top spot; incumbent Laure Swanson got the #2 spot.)

Isn’t there a residency requirement?” Powers wheezes, engaging in his usual specious blog-title-question-mark strategy to create the implication that a public figure is up to something bad without having to deliver the evidence that supports that accusation. He doesn’t bother to look up the actual residency requirement for any municipal officer, SDCL 9-14-2, which says that candadates for municipal office must live in town for at least 90 days before the election.

I took up residency in Aberdeen the night of February 2. I registered to vote in Brown County on February 3. The city election is June 2.

Cory Heidelberger trying to tell Aberdonians what to do already?” Powers moans. If Powers were paying attention, he’d know that’s not my style. As a candidate, I lay out my thoughts, but I invite my neighbors into conversation, and we work together to figure what our community needs.

Yet Powers, who is not a resident of Aberdeen, is already soliciting campaign contributions from his audience of non-Aberdeen readers to influence this Aberdeen election. You tell me who the non-resident interloper is, trying to tell us Aberdonians what to do with our town and our vote.

See you at the polls June 2!


  1. MC 2015-04-01

    I for one applaud you getting off the side lines and getting in the game.

  2. caheidelberger Post author | 2015-04-01

    Thank you, MC! I’m happy to be part of the conversation.

  3. Ellee Spawn 2015-04-01

    Thank you for this not being an April fool’s joke. That being said, do you have a campaign page set up for contributions yet?

  4. Curt 2015-04-01

    Hmmm … ‘spinster’? PP doesn’t quite fall under my understanding of that term. How ’bout ‘spinmeister’? /cp

  5. larry kurtz 2015-04-01


  6. PNR 2015-04-01

    Go ahead on. From somebody who was all over Bosworth on adhering to statute, I figured you had checked out the residency (and other) requirements already.

    No, I wouldn’t vote for you (shocking, I know), but I do appreciate the clarity you provide. You don’t hedge your bets, so there can be little doubt where you stand or what you would work for if elected. That conveys a basic respect for the voters and the process. Better to lose honestly than to win dishonestly. Yes, better still to win honestly, but I am conservative so I’m hoping for the second-best outcome here.

  7. caheidelberger Post author | 2015-04-01

    “Meister” implies mastery, exaggerating the case.

  8. caheidelberger Post author | 2015-04-01

    PNR, I think you would vote for me. I think I could make it happen. Point your Aberdeen compatriots toward me, and I’ll show you how I’d do it.

  9. caheidelberger Post author | 2015-04-01

    No campaign page yet—I’ve been a little busy this week. Stay tuned! :-)

  10. El Rayo X 2015-04-01

    Before this gets out of hand, it needs to be decided if the people of Aberdeen consider themselves Aberdonians or Aberdeenites.

  11. caheidelberger Post author | 2015-04-01

    El Rayo, local usage appears to be “Aberdonian,” regularly attested in the press. I haven’t heard “Aberdeenite,” although I think there are a few Howard Deanites.

  12. Roger Cornelius 2015-04-01

    Note that Powers over at the Dump Site is already advocating bringing in republican dark money into a city council race.

  13. Jana 2015-04-01

    Awesome Cory!

  14. Owen 2015-04-01

    Cory, maybe you could get some tips from Tara and Sibby. They’re running for the school board in Mitchell

  15. grudznick 2015-04-01

    Ms. Voleksy would be a good campaign manager for Mr. H. Sibby could be the accountant for the campaign except I think people sometimes question his math. Plus, his haircut and religion would clash with the candidates.

  16. caheidelberger Post author | 2015-04-01

    Roger, I look forward to the opportunity to bring dollars to Aberdeen for economic development. I hope any dark money intruding on our local race will at least be spent locally and not for the profit of the moneyed political class in places like, say, Brookings.

    Owen, bite your tongue. :-P

  17. rwb 2015-04-01

    That’s great news, but I do take exception to your spelling.

    When referring to Pat Powers, don’t you think “sphincter” trumps “spinster?”

    Nobody could think higher of Pat Powers than I do and I think he’s basically the same nasty spoiled bully boy we ran into at second grade recess every day. Try as I might, I can’t muster even a shred of respect for him EXCEPT

    …his ability to put away the food at the little Brookings Chinese buffet restaurant. Truly impressive there. R-E-S-P-E-C-T for Powers’ ability to hog down that Chinese.

    D-I-S-D-A-I-N for everything else he does.

  18. grudznick 2015-04-01

    Mr. H, with your blog out here you will crush your opponent unless they also start blogging. If they try and blog here and leave notes will you let them post or banish them?

  19. mike from iowa 2015-04-01

    How about psychobloviablogwindbag with a minor in making stuff up?

  20. mike from iowa 2015-04-01

    Go get ’em,Cory. PNR laid out the wingnut plan-better to win dishonestly. You can do this,we can help.

  21. Deb Geelsdottir 2015-04-01

    rwb has the best one, “sphincter”. Hahahahahahahaha! Good work!

    Cory, congratulations on your decision to run for city council. My best wishes to you. I’m looking forward to hearing about your campaign.

  22. Sam@ 2015-04-01

    Go for it Cory. It would be nice to see someone on a city council that researches the issues before they vote.. I know you will do the research to do a great job and move Aberdeen forward.

    Good luck and I hope to see you on the council

  23. larry kurtz 2015-04-01

    bob burns pp: priceless.

  24. CLCJM 2015-04-01

    Go, Cory, go!

  25. Dr 2015-04-01

    My guess is that Democrat Chair Jennifer Hansen recruited you to sit next to her on the city council. Then again most of the officials on that board who have their heads buried in the sand and don’t get it are registered democrats. Slaight-Hanson, Remily, and Mayor Mike have their head in the sand that they dont have a clue what’s going on in this town.
    But hey, good luck against a Laurie Swanson, and long time Aberdeen resident and business owner. Wonder if the Brown Co republican machine will stay out of this. Probably not.

  26. Jason Sebern 2015-04-01

    Good Luck!

  27. 96Tears 2015-04-01

    Sign up as PP’s client. He’ll guarantee you the endorsement of Secretary of State Jason Gant, he’ll spend thousands putting up expensive signs nobody will notice and he’ll drive your campaign in the ground. You know, The Muensterman Treatment!

    What? Gant’s not in office? No worries. He’ll get Krebs.

  28. Roger Cornelius 2015-04-01

    Powers from the Dump Site is over on the “I’m banned from Madville” blog proudly announcing a campaign against Cory.

  29. Roger Cornelius 2015-04-01

    Speaking of the Powers Dump Site, I haven’t figured out which is slower, loading the blog or the blogger.

  30. grudznick 2015-04-01

    It looks like there is an attempt to solicit money to go against Mr. H. I, for one, think city elections should not be solicited about money and have people from Deadwood and such wade into those things. It is unfair to the incumbent who probably wants a quiet reaffirmation of what s/he has done that is great for the community. But, with the arm waving that seems to really anger certain people this is going to get ugly. I am just sayin…

    Disclaimer: I can’t vote in Aberdeen because I haven’t moved there yet.

  31. grudznick 2015-04-01

    Let us all hope that young Mr. Gant comes out of retirement on one side or the other of this election. Would that not be the most exciting thing to ever happen to Aberdonianist politics?

  32. 96Tears 2015-04-01

    Cory, did you ever think if you and the commenters stopped referring to DWC that PP’s numbers would drop precipitously? Just wonderin’. You may be keeping that has-been on life support for the last couple years.

  33. Wayne Pauli 2015-04-02

    Congratulations on putting your name on the ballot Cory. my siblings and I are NSU grads so we have spent many years and lots of money in Aberdeen. Plus We will be there on May 9 for our first PC grad. We all like the Hub City, plus my two oldest children were born at St. Luke’s. I always said that if it was 2 hours South of Madison instead of 2 hours North I would have returned to NSU.
    Best to you.

  34. caheidelberger Post author | 2015-04-02

    Your guess is wrong, Dan. No one recruited me.

  35. caheidelberger Post author | 2015-04-02

    Grudz, now you’re just trying to be provocative. Come back when you something real to say.

  36. caheidelberger Post author | 2015-04-02

    Thank you for the kind words, friends! Now we’ve got to convince my neighbors that I can apply those research skills for the general welfare.

    Tasi, I’m happy to leave Brookings out of it. We’ll see how Aberdeen responds to one Brookings man’s effort to interfere in their election.

    96, I do wonder about that. I try not to overdo it, but some statements require a response.

  37. caheidelberger Post author | 2015-04-02

    …and I wonder, 96: is it better to let a bully go completely unchecked? Or are there times when no amount of checking will do any good?

  38. Jim 2015-04-02

    Pat has declared war on Chinese buffets, and he is winning.

  39. 96Tears 2015-04-02

    Cory – The answer is you can’t fix stupid.

    By the way, do you not find the irony in the fact Democrats can’t find people willing to run for the legislature, and the Republicans can’t get their legislators to finish their terms in office?

  40. Lynn 2015-04-02


    I wouldn’t worry about Pat “Bubba” Power’s too much. Are you accepting campaign donations for your run for the Aberdeen City Council?

  41. Nick Nemec 2015-04-02

    I’m reminded of a sign allegedly posted at a Chinese buffet, “All you can eat, but not forever.”

  42. Ezekiel 2015-04-02

    Really looking forward to this election now. Let us know what we can do to help.

  43. Cranky Old Dude 2015-04-02

    Despite the fact that I suspect you and I could find a whole lot of things to disagree on, I detect a certain mistrust of government’s motives and that of its minions in you that is often sorely lacking in todays political class. Good luck!

  44. Jim 2015-04-02

    Following an epic noon time, Powerful Pat Powers has declared victory over General Tso…crushing the general’s army with the jaws of defeat…
    (Ok, I’m done I promise)

  45. Jim 2015-04-02

    Noon-time battle

  46. leslie 2015-04-02

    way to go cory! after a few years, with a democratic governor, you’ll be running the Regents!!

  47. grudznick 2015-04-02

    I predict a circus atmosphere around this election, with Aberdeenites pulling out their hair and dividing into contentious factions with malice toward the other side.

  48. Deb Geelsdottir 2015-04-02

    Wayne Pauli, in the mid 70s, weren’t the citizens of Aberdeen referred to as “Aberdonians?” I don’t recall hearing anything else.

  49. Deb Geelsdottir 2015-04-02

    I lived in Hecla, very small town northeast of Aberdeen, in the very late 20th century. The locals said they didn’t really have a name for themselves. I offered an option: Hecloonians. I don’t think it caught on,

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