Democratic Town Hall in Rapid City Thursday Evening

Democratic Kicking Donkey LogoAre you coming to Prairie Edge in Rapid City Thursday evening? I am! South Dakota Democratic Party Vice-Chair Joe Lowe will be leading a Democratic Party Town Hall in downtown Rapid starting at 5:30 p.m. Thursday.

Lowe invites everyone to join him and SDDP Chair Ann Tornberg to discuss the strengths and weakness of our party and roadmaps for success in 2016 and beyond. Lowe has also graced me with the opportunity to offer the crowd an assessment of the performance of the 2015 Legislature (which I could boil down to one word and two thumbs… but expect some elaboration). When I’m not busy waving my arms at the front of the room, I look forward to shaking hands with Dakota Free Press readers in person and hearing from all my West River friends what they think of our Party, our Legislature, and what we can do to make both better.

6 Responses to Democratic Town Hall in Rapid City Thursday Evening

  1. Be there or be Square!

  2. larry kurtz

    Sorry, gang: boxing out because of a scheduling conflict.

  3. Looking forward to it. Thanks for agreeing to come to our town, Cory.

  4. am hoping woster will be there so i can tell him what a partisan putz he is, slamming obamacare along w/thune and noem’s soft denouncements yesterday. must have taken all of ten minutes to write that “editorial”.

  5. Douglas Wiken

    Woster does seem to bend over more than backward to make Republican mythology look better than it is. His fairness is appearance only.

  6. thanks doug. sorry I missed you there. did you visit w/ roger? we have to put our differences aside, sincerely.