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Daugaard Vetoes Leased Residential Property Tax, Muni Tax Exemption, Baseball Coach Tax Break

Governor Dennis Daugaard vetoed three of the eight bills still on his desk this morning: Senate Bills 100, 136, and 159.

Senate Bill 100 would have created a new “leased residential” classification for property tax. It was intended to low property tax on rental properties. In his veto message, Governor Daugaard says SB 100 proponents contradicted themselves, saying renters would get tax relief but that the savings would also allow owners to build more affordable housing. In setting the stage for a new classification with lower tax, SB 100 would shift tax burden to other property owners, says the Governor.

Senate Bill 136 would have excluded some municipal taxes from the amount used to calculate tax liability for electric coops and utilities. Governor Daugaard says SB 136 would give power providers a special break that no other South Dakota business gets.

Senate Bill 159 is Senator Brock Greenfield’s pet project to exempt himself and some other baseball coaches from the sales and use tax. Governor Daugaard says SB 159 is another special favor that would open the floodgates for folks crying for exemptions. He also objects to the exemption’s application solely to coaches of non-profit-sponsored amateur baseball teams.

Overriding a veto requires a two-thirds vote from each chamber of the Legislature. Only SB 136 had enough votes in each chamber to override:

House Yea House Nay Senate Yea Senate Nay
SB 100 40 27 25 8
SB 136 67 1 34 0
SB 159 63 5 22 13
minimum override 47 24

Update 13:25 CDT: The Governor has signed all other bills, including the two big stinkers remaining on his desk:

Referring these odious measures to a public vote will require gathering 13,871 signatures from registered South Dakota voters by June 29, 90 days after the March 30 adjournment of the Legislature. Anyone game for a referendum?


  1. Troy 2015-03-20 14:10


    Of course, you can do as you please but I suggest time be spent electing some Democrats to office. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be surprised if general elections get canceled because of a lack of opposition.

  2. Curt 2015-03-20 14:22

    Troy –
    You’re a freaking genius! No one’s tried that.

  3. caheidelberger Post author | 2015-03-20 14:23

    Troy, is it either/or? Might it be possible to circulate referendum petitions and recruit candidates at the same time?

  4. Bill Fleming 2015-03-20 14:40

    LOL, Troy, almost all the “Democrats” being elected in SD these days are “Republicans.” Hey, if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em. (i.e. when in Rome…) ;-)

    But seriously folks, look what Netanyahu did to win his election in Israel and is now having to walk it all back. Then compare it to what politicians both statewide and national have to do to get in office these days. Looks to me like the answer is “whatever it takes” and I’m sorry to say it, but I don’t see it changing any time soon. Small wonder people are walking away from our political process in droves.

    SD’s I&R stands as one way the people can actually make themselves heard. And it’s astonishing when, as with the minimum wage increase, our elected officials refuse to listen. I’m with Cory. Let’s get the people back to the polls and show our government we mean business.

  5. Kurt Evans 2015-03-20 14:54

    Cory Heidelberger asks:
    >”Anyone game for a referendum?”

    I’m in, obviously. :)

  6. larry kurtz 2015-03-20 16:12

    Since when do we need earth haters like Troy telling us what to do?

  7. Troy 2015-03-20 17:01

    Well, Larry listening to yourselves isn’t exactly working very good for you. But, again, its your show. Do what you think is best.

  8. larry kurtz 2015-03-20 17:09

    Actually, Troy: i am one of a handful of Dems who got it right during the midterms. Now go apologize for Kristi for being an idiot over at Pat’s some more.

  9. Lynn 2015-03-20 17:09

    I really believe Governor Daugaard with his signing SB 177 and SB 69 created an superb opportunity for the citizens of South Dakota to show they had enough by working to repeal both of these laws on the ballot, recruit candidates, fundraise and unseat those who sponsored and voted for bills like these, abused repeatedly the great responsibility they have in our democracy in state government as elected officials, blocked efforts to create an ethics committee and all the scandals with GOED, EB-5 and cover up by GOAC.

    This would be an excellent motivator to help those volunteers in our state with recruiting and building for the future such as High School Democrats of South Dakota. and expanding College Democrats beyond SDSU and USD

    Can we establish Democrat clubs at our booming SD tech schools? They need advocates!

    Going against a ballot initiative voted decisively by the citizens of our state should be the last straw!

  10. Roger Cornelius 2015-03-20 17:12

    Actually Troy, we did do it right. The SDDP sponsored IM18 and the majority of the people voted for it.

    The SDGOP’s War On Children Rages!!!

  11. caheidelberger Post author | 2015-03-20 17:33

    Actually, Troy, before Larry bullies you out of here, I’d like to hear your opinion on whether circulating a referendum petition could do double duty as candidate recruitment… and triple duty as voter registration. I’d also like to hear you assess whether Bill Fleming is encouraging me down a counterproductive road.

  12. Douglas Wiken 2015-03-20 17:47

    Roger hits the nail—“The SDGOP’s War On Children Rages!!!”,

    The GOP is all for the fetus, but not for the child or the teen or the other unrich.

    Wall St. Bonuses exceeded all the total wages of middle class according to Bill Moyer and Co..

  13. rwb 2015-03-20 19:49

    This is a tremendous opportunity to help younger voters and those too young to vote just how the Republicans think of them. I’ve been telling young people that the Republicans are fixin to screw ’em and once again, the Republicans prove I’m right.

    Now several big questions remain:

    1. Are Democrats smart enough to be able to figure it out and do they have enough ambition to make the Republicans pay.

    2. Are voters going to be angry enough to take matters into their own hands once again?

    3. Are any of the Republicans who supported this going to pay with their jobs?

  14. grudznick 2015-03-20 21:19

    The Bastages!

  15. rwb 2015-03-20 21:53

    Farrrrrging Iceholes!

  16. Jana 2015-03-20 21:58

    KELOLAND is running a story on the youth minimum wage. Of course, they let the owner of B&G Milkyway just present his flawed side of the argument. Seriously KELOLAND…that’s not reporting that’s a commercial! Good tough questions Sammi! Single sourced? Good headline! Well it must be true if it was on KELOLAND.

    Let’s let B&G Milkyway owner, Bruce Bettmeng, mansplain it for us.

    “”When one area increases, like payroll, you have to cut in another area or you have to increase your income somehow. So a lot of business owners they cut their shifts, they hire less people, and they also unfortunately have to raise prices. Which hurts the consumer,” said Bettmeng.”

    Notice that he certainly won’t take less to not hurt the consumer…what a guy. But wait, are there other business decisions he could make to help himself and still pay kids a fair wage?

    “Bettmeng says he is a believer that hard work should be rewarded. But the more money he’s required to dish out to everyone, the less he can reward loyal employees with raises.”

    Did he seriously say ‘dish out’ instead of earn? Again, his business accumen should be questioned, not to mention his respect for the employees who WORK for him so he can make money.

    “Over the last 6, 7 years when minimum wage has been increasing, the work ethic has been decreasing. Because people know, kids know, they can come in the door and not do a thing and make enough money to pay for their gas, their insurance, their cell phone and clothes,” said Bettmeng.”

    Seriously? The minimum wage was at 5.15 for over a decade until 2007…uhmmm Mr. Betmeng, did you ever raise your prices during that time?…that was 8 years ago, not 6 or 7 and not multiple times. But here’s the best part:

    “Because people know, kids know, they can come in the door and not do a thing…”

    Mr. Bettmeng, I’m astounded at both your disdain for kids and your incredible lack of business judgement in hiring if that’s what you get! (Here’s a bonus for you kids and parents out there, Mr. Bettmeng thinks that kids are lazy and not worth much!)

    But he’s not done yet.

    “Bettmeng says he was expecting to raise prices again this summer, if minimum wages stayed at $8.50 for everyone. Now, he’s excited to treat the customers and employees to an extra cherry on top.”

    Kids, the cherry on top is that you work for less for a guy who thinks all kids are lazy and do nothing. Bonus for consumers…he’s not going to raise his prices!

    Guess what Mr. Bettmeng, and listen well, I have been a loyal and frequent customer of your stores for a long time. I actually went to your stores to support the girls who worked there who I knew and coached, not for your food! No more!

    Your contempt for kids, placing the blame on your hiring for raising you prices and your attitude in general have me wanting to make sure that everyone who has kids decides that they will take their business elsewhere.

    Mr. Bettmeng is the new poster child for not only rejecting the will of his customers but his disdain for workers! Congrats Mr. Bettmeng.

    PS: Sammi and KELOLAND…this story deserves to hear both sides! Wait…”Because people know, reporters know, they can come in the door and not do a thing…”

  17. Jana 2015-03-20 22:15

    Oh for crying out loud Troy, listen to yourself.

    “Of course, you can do as you please but I suggest time be spent electing some Democrats to office.”

    You are smart enough to know that policy should trump politics. For you GOPers, this is all just a game to be played and not about good governance.

    “Otherwise, I wouldn’t be surprised if general elections get canceled because of a lack of opposition.”

    Troy, elections won’t be cancelled, the GOP will just legislate out any opposition like…hmmm…what countries outlaw opposition parties. Mr. Putin, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei… care to tell Troy how this works?

  18. shirley Harrington-Moore 2015-03-20 23:02

    Cory, Where do we get petitions?

  19. Owen 2015-03-20 23:08

    Sorry Jana I didn’t see that you had posted the same story. I’m bad.
    Good post

  20. Jana 2015-03-20 23:19

    Oh gosh Owen, we were only 3 minutes apart…we were just thinking the same thing.

  21. Lynn 2015-03-21 05:21

    Businesses already have a training wage available to use. This is from the South Dakota Department of Labor Effective January 1 2015 $4.25/hour for employees under the age of 20 for first 90 calendar days of employment.

    Regardless as an owner/manager you do what you can to help guide and encourage a new employee instilling teamwork, customer service and everything else needed for that successful business. As a last resort you have the option to terminate employment. It’s about competition for jobs and getting rid of deadweight.

  22. Lynn 2015-03-21 05:25

    Regarding comments I’ve read across the web that brush off kids those affected by this law as being unable to vote on this. This law provides a lesson for those under the age of 18 the value and impact a vote has once they are legally able to.

  23. caheidelberger Post author | 2015-03-21 06:33

    Shirley, I have a new post up this morning explaining the process for starting a petition:

    Owen, Jana, notice that the Retailers Association gets out in front of the issue early, reminding everyone that their summer ice cream cones will cost more if we don’t accept this affront to the voters will, just like DeLon Mork hitting the airwaves before Session to bemoan the impact of the minimum wage increase on his Blizzards. These guys know how to market their legislation. Add #4, “Campaign smarter than the retailers,” to RWB’s list of things we need to do to win.

  24. Dana P 2015-03-21 09:21

    whoa Lynn. I wasn’t aware of that. Holy cow, 90 days just about covers the summer job timeframe for teenagers, doesn’t it? Wow, what a sneaky little ploy “our” retailers have done here.

    $4.25 ?? $4.25???????????? And it takes 90 days to get folks up and running on these job sites? Seriously? Horrible, just horrible.

  25. Troy 2015-03-21 13:49


    To answer your question: I think candidate recruitment and organizing for winning races requires almost singular focus and in the end ballot issues have no coattail effects. For instance, the minimum wage issue almost doubled the votes of your major candidates. Republicans and Independents who voted for the minimum wage increase didn’t vote for your candidates.

    Further, the major intangible missing in the SDDP is a sense of party unity which transcends “cult of personality” or a singular issue. Not only did your major candidates underperform in virtually every legislative district relative to voter registration (including for example Wismer in her home district), so did most of your legislative candidates. This underperformance is prima facie evidence of a lot of problems which efforts on the initiatives didn’t positively impact.

    Winning on one issue like minimum wage which takes significant effort is a phyrric victory as it is only a single issue while the legislature deals with hundreds. If an initiative issue which outperformed voter registration by 20 points (assuming it was a Democrat issue) can’t positively have coattails, I can’t imagine one that would.

  26. larry kurtz 2015-03-21 14:00

    thank you father politics.

  27. larry kurtz 2015-03-21 14:02

    Or do like Wadhams did: just buy contenders to siphon resources from qualified candidates.

  28. grudznick 2015-03-21 14:52

    Mr. kurtz, the sun is bright in the Black Hills of SD and kids are out applying for jobs.

  29. Lynn 2015-03-21 14:58

    Let’s not be too hard on Troy when he graces us with his presence here. I especially enjoy it when he drops names, shares that he sponsored a Sioux Falls Canary game and has the time to remind us how important he is…… well really it’s insecurity but that’s ok I’ll play along.

    Larry if I were to drop a few names would you give a crap?

  30. larry kurtz 2015-03-21 15:14

    Lynn, it’s impossible for me to take Troy seriously because he always inserts disparaging language in his homilies not just to us but to his choir members over at the GOP blog that must not be named. Dropping names only bugs me when GOPers do it.

  31. Lynn 2015-03-21 15:26

    Larry when I read what he’s posted and who he chooses to respond to I just shake my head with a smirk and ignore this guy. It’s a sign of insecurity. Arrogance but insecurity. I could drop some names and share some things as many people could here but why? Does it really matter? I don’t think so and don’t care.

    Maybe it’s just me and believe I’m a flawed human being but there are people I grew up knowing that were multi-millionaires and did some incredible things to help others but you would never know. They were humble and would never make another person fell bad about themselves. It was never about them.

    I don’t take that other blog very seriously. Spent a number of years in the deep South it going over to that other blog is like going to Bubba Land.

    Let this little fella feel a little better about himself, play along but focus on the big picture. He’s just a distraction.

  32. larry kurtz 2015-03-21 15:31

    Cory and Troy likely talk on FB all the time so it’s not like they don’t have the opportunity to feel each other up but coming here just to rub our noses in being the underdogs is sadism on meth.

  33. Lynn 2015-03-21 15:32

    Sorry slightly dyslexic today with typing.

  34. Jana 2015-03-21 16:09

    Troy, do you think when th game is rigged that it is worth anyone’s time to try and fix it?

    Want to start a business and get GOED funding…what are you chances if you are an active Democrat?

    If you are a member of the Governor’s Club and active donor to GOP candidates, do your chances go up?

    If you were a supporter of Rick Weiland, do your chances go up with the GOP dominated GOED? (they do know where there bread is buttered)

    Do you think that absolute power corrupts absolutely?

  35. Jana 2015-03-21 16:15

    Thanks in advance for your honesty Troy.

    Just out of curiosity Troy, have you ever leveraged your past GOED role, GOP advocacy or influence with key party players to secure business for yourself?

    Don’t lie!

    Troy, I’m going to assume that a non response is an admission to some or all of the above.

  36. Mary N. 2015-03-21 16:34

    Go for broke–both of them.

  37. Jana 2015-03-21 16:44

    Gosh, does anyone remember Eagle Creek opening a new office in Vermillion and the outpouring of love and affection from the Governor and all the GOP? You know, the kind of special love that comes from the Gov, GOED and the pols saying look how effective we are?

    Well, that didn’t turn out so well and Vermillion is holding the bag and the Governor and his Office of Economic Development will slink away into the background knowing that they milked this for all it was worth.

  38. bearcreekbat 2015-03-21 17:09

    Actually, I think Troy likely has a point – our last election results suggest that initiatives don’t translate into candidate support.

    But that seems relatively unimportant compared to the positive public policy that can be enacted through the initiative process. Indeed, I support various initiatives based on how they affect the law, not upon which party was responsible for circulating the petitions. And here, I hope that Cory et al go forward with a referendum challenge to the new stupid anti-kid wage enactment.

    As for electing candidates, I think focusing on positive public policy rather than slogans has a better chance of turning voter support around. Right now it appears that candidates from either party do not focuses on meaningful policy issues before elections.

    And SD has reached a stage where the historical fact that republicans have been winning elections for the last few years essentially leaves them with the so-called incumbent advantage. If both sides offer meaningless catch phrases, then the incumbent is likely to win. If the incumbent offers meaningless catch phrases but his or her challenger offers to support actual positive policies then the result has a better chance to change.

  39. bearcreekbat 2015-03-21 17:22

    For example, I wonder what the outcome of our last governor’s race would have been if a challenger decided to focus heavily on the benefits to the public of a Medicaid expansion and argued that this alone required a change of leadership. The candidate could have talked about the multiplier effect on the economy, the property tax savings to local government, the benefit from seeing to it that everyone has access to health care, etc, etc.

    I saw none of this in election ads. Perhaps it would not have made a difference in the election itself but at least it would have educated the public on the issue. Slogans, jargon and sound bites are easily ignored, while focusing on real results appeals to both the intellectual and retilian parts of our brains.

  40. larry kurtz 2015-03-21 17:23

    Rick Weiland was a good candidate and Wadhams slimed out a Senate victory by buying candidates: we know that.

    I have confessed before to believing Rep. Wismer could have chosen a bigger name to run with in the gube race. Unless some people start lining up to run in the next cycle and nobody fills the county chairs the primaries should end and our nominees chosen at convention.

  41. bearcreekbat 2015-03-21 17:32

    larry, you are absolutely right that Rick was a great candidate with positive ideas for public policy. Unfortunately I cannot recall his campaign setting forth any particular policies that might have appealed to SD voters. While his music and travels were entertaining they did not tell the SD voter how he or she would actually benefit by voting for Rick.

    I wonder what the result might have been had Rick talked incessantly about the benefits and positive features for SD residents of the ACA, and then ran on the promise to oppose repeal of these beneficial policies. I realize many folks were experiencing knee-jerk adverse reactions to the ACA, but this seems to based more on a lack of information than any meaningful understanding of how the law could benefit our state. Had Rick’s campaign taken a strong educational stand on the ACA, it too would have appealed to both the intellectual and reptilian parts of South Dakotan’s brains.

  42. Lynn 2015-03-21 17:51


    It probably didn’t help that there were some major distractions from the Republican primary that continued to get headlines afterwards due to it being a circus like atmosphere. All of that sapped away Rick and Susan’s messaging on serious points.

  43. Jana 2015-03-21 18:28

    The best way to go after the GOP is to hit the electorate with how the Governor as the titular head of the GOP said they were “Stupid” for voting for a minimum wage and how the bought and paid for gang in Pierre had to fix voter stupidity.

    Expose the huge expense of the GOED, EB-5, Eagle Creek failure, etc as examples of wastes of taxpayer money to make GOP donors wealthy.

    Add in how the GOP decided voters were not smart enough with their “collective wisdom” on 1234 and the GOED slush fund.

    Most people would probably also take offense to limiting their choices as to Independent candidates…”sorry, we’re the boss so just suck it if you want to vote for an independent”

    Then make a big list of cronies who have been made wealthy by their donations to the GOP and it will make people think.

    Just know it won’t be easy as the GOP has made supporting them very lucrative and going against them a risk that hits the pocket book.

    Maybe just start with the message that “Power corrupts and Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely” and then give the voters the proof points they need to send the GOP good-old-boys to a time out corner.

  44. bearcreekbat 2015-03-21 18:29

    Lynn, you may have a point, yet I wonder if you can identify for me the serious policy positions that you saw Susan and Rick repeatedly talking with the voters about? There may have been some, but my feeble memory seems to recall primarily catchy slogans from Rick and nothing much at all from Susan’s campaign. I would be interested in your observations.

    I took another look at Susan’s Facebook page and it confirms my memory. I saw only one post saying that she supported the Medicaid expansion, but nothing explaining why or how the expansion would be good for SD. I saw very little else on substantive issues, and what I saw was primarily conclusive assertions without explanations.

    I voted for Susan and think she would have been a much better governor than DD, but mine is only one vote and it was based more on the damage that I perceived from DD than anything positive presented by Susan’s campaign.

  45. bearcreekbat 2015-03-21 18:36

    I like Jana’s focus on mistakes and bad decisions by the powers that be, yet I don’t think that strategy is sufficient. I suspect that most SD voters are not hurting due to the behavior described by Jana and that most voters are not worried much about cronyism. Instead, I suspect most voters are interested in policies that directly affect them and their ability to care for their families.

    That is why I think a positive approach of why a vote for me will improve the circumstances of your family and your community would register better with SD voters. But it should be more than a slogan, it should be based on real issues and real policies that can make a difference in the voter’s lives.

  46. Lynn 2015-03-21 18:56


    I agree with what has been stated above. Talking in easy terms of how it will affect South Dakotans in their daily lives. Otherwise you run the risk of losing them and sound like some national sound bite. Communication is so important!

  47. grudznick 2015-03-21 19:23

    Yes. If young Ms. Wismer had a bigger name to run with, and you kind of have a point because I can’t remember who she ran with, she’d have won. Big name. I’m thinking something like “William Fleming” or “Cory H” or even the biggest name of them all: Mr. Kloucheck.

    Wins for you, Mr. kurtz. No joking aside, Mr. Fleming is the best of your bunch by a long shot and he should be cajoled into running for something to try and save your brand. Just don’t piss him off more.

  48. larry kurtz 2015-03-21 19:32

    Looking into dead horses’ recta aside, Fleming once said he has so many skeletons they dance around in his living room but we all know he does what he can

  49. leslie 2015-03-22 03:37

    troy, haven’t had time to read any of this yet but you agree that fighting the governor on this is a scorched earth kindof approach like your party has been doing for…how many years? how do you feel about diluted voting rights for little people?

    you understand that dems are not very attracted to run no-win campaigns while red candidates are often unopposed. it may be a bit tuff getting elected anywhere in SD. GOP’s strategy as u may know was nationally to identify sure republican winners in races, and then dump money on top of that to assure beyond doubt those republican victories. if cw holds, you guys are toast nationally in 2016. pundits may be wrong. i’m am not in the know enough to feel comfortable, but I hope you are worried.

    of course unlimited money favors your clients. we shall see if we take it back in 2016. if that happens it will be fun to listen to you urge bipartisan coop. not that there is anything wrong w/bipartisan coop.

    just late nite rambling.

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