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Rep. Greenfield: SB 101 Makes Oral Chemo Cheaper, Helps South Dakota Cancer Patients

Rep. Lana Greenfield (R-2/Doland) says that one of the best results of the 2015 Legislative Session was Senate Bill 101, which requires health insurance companies to cover oral chemotherapy the same way they cover intravenous chemotherapy. SB 101 will save South Dakota cancer patients time and money:

Senate Bill 101 deserved its unanimous passage. It will make life better for people in need.

And it’s another good example of Republicans recognizing that leaving health insurance entirely to the whims of the free market is a bad idea.


  1. Jana 2015-03-15 19:19

    Thank you Lana for your support! You most likely are like the rest of us and have friends and family who are devastated physically, emotionally and financially. Thank you for helping to ease some of the financial burden.

    Now, don’t just make this coverage exclusionary to the monied of your friends, demand that everyone can get treatment without adding financial devastation to physical devastation and urge the Governor to expand medicaid.

    It makes conservative sense in so many ways that it should dwarf the political sense the Governor is hanging his hat on…at the life and death consequence of real South Dakotans.

  2. Deb Geelsdottir 2015-03-15 20:43

    Good bill, and Jana, that’s a wise addition you’ve described.

  3. caheidelberger Post author | 2015-03-15 22:34

    Jana, we can only hope that enough personal experience with illness, poverty, and other hardships would make policymakers more sympathetic to the needs of the general population.

  4. Jana 2015-03-16 00:24

    Cory, it does make sense and if those who have chosen to govern can’t see it…more the pity.

    But then, it seems most in Pierre aren’t really concerned with the needs of the general population when the money, personal gain and ideological pressure is too tempting for those who were elected to serve everyone.

  5. rollin potter 2015-03-16 04:11

    Cory, personal experience with illness,poverty, and other hardships should not make policy makers more sympathetic to the needs of the general public but it seems that is the way it goes in the republican ruled way in pierre!!!!!!! I tried to put out feelers for a death with dignity law in pierre and the good ol’ boys would not even talk about it!!!! Wait till the suffering hits there bedside and they will sure as hell think different then!!!!!!!!!!

  6. caheidelberger Post author | 2015-03-16 06:46

    I feel your grief there, Rollin. Empathy is a key skill for those who would legislate for all South Dakotans.

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