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Rep. Mickelson Looks Forward to Public Vote on Vo-Tech Autonomy from Regents

After agreeing to disagree on the merits and legality of restricting the people who can sign Independent candidate petitions to fellow Independents, Rep. G. Mark Mickelson told me that the Legislature done really good with HJR 1003, which places on our ballot a constitutional amendment ensuring that South Dakota’s vo-tech schools remain autonomous from the Board of Regents:

It is nice to hear a Republican leader celebrate the opportunity to put something to a vote of the people.


  1. Joseph Nelson 2015-03-14

    “done really good “? I have no idea what this means. ;)

  2. larry kurtz 2015-03-14

    Mickelson has all the personality of a Spotted Poland China: why anyone believes he has a future in anything but chasing ambulances remains a mystery.

  3. caheidelberger Post author | 2015-03-14

    Joseph, please permit me the occasional idiom. :-)

  4. Jake Cummings 2015-03-15

    Larry, fortunately for public officials, a dynamic personality is not deemed essential for election. Hopefully the Dems find a viable candidate and break the GOP’s stranglehold on the office, should Rep. Mickelson eventually run for Gov. That is not meant as an insult to him; I merely hope I can see a liberal governor before I am wearing dentures.

    I am not sure I understand Rep. Mickelson’s rationale for negating “competition” between Regental institutions and the TIs; even if the bill passes, they will still be competing for students. Moreover, in my limited experience working with both, I became familiar with discrepancies which exist between TI and Regental data reporting of stats such as placement rates which could tilt the competition in the TIs’ favor in the absence of unified oversight. Finally, if one goal is to prepare students for employment, might it be prudent to have a single governing body to coordinate strategic planning at the TIs and universities for items like program offerings?

  5. larry kurtz 2015-03-15

    Jake, any GOPer comfortable with having Denny Sanford’s hand in his pants will be governor: it’s just that simple. Governor DD was maneuvered into place with all the grace of hogs being loaded into a semi trailer.

  6. Kurt Evans 2015-03-15

    Mark Mickelson wants to deprive every South Dakotan who affiliates with a political party of the freedom to run an independent campaign.

    Mark Mickelson wants to deprive every South Dakotan who affiliates with a political party of the freedom to nominate an independent candidate.

    Hey Mark, why not just cut to the chase and deprive every South Dakotan who affiliates with a political party of the freedom to VOTE for an independent candidate?

    Oh, wait… Whenever your immoral authoritarian statutes prevent or dissuade a South Dakotan from running an independent campaign, that’s exactly what you’re doing.

  7. Jake Cummings 2015-03-15

    Larry, thank you for that disturbing image. It lends a whole new perspective on why Sanford’s left hand is outstretched on his statue outside the Children’s Hospital, eh?

    I am naïve enough to believe Dems can counter such influence. The secret is a candidate with clout and name recognition (I’m looking at you Mrs. Herseth-Sandlin).

  8. Les 2015-03-15

    Sorry, Jake. These Dems have sent Herseth packing, and you won’t run that water back up the creek any time soon. This Republican agrees with your choice over current and recent past SD leadership however.

  9. mike from iowa 2015-03-15

    From hands on experience,loading hogs takes brute strength at times. There is always one that doesn’t like riding in a trailer and if it ever gets away and out of the chute,you pretty much have to hog tie it to get it back in there. Much prefer loading cattle. Once the first gets the idea the rest generally follow in an orderly manner.

    Never used an electric prod on a cow. Hogs is another story. Love to try one on politicians.

  10. Les 2015-03-15

    Has Mickelson assured an Indie repulsion of the GOP, Kurt.

  11. Jake Cummings 2015-03-15

    Les, I’ll never say never, but if you are correct, I think Bernie Hunhoff or Billie Sutton might be viable options (if either of them would even want to run).

  12. Kurt Evans 2015-03-15

    Les wrote:
    “Has Mickelson assured an Indie repulsion of the GOP, Kurt.”

    Some states have an Independent (with a capital “I”) Party, but South Dakota doesn’t. An independent (with a small “i”) campaign is simply a campaign outside the organizational structure of any officially recognized party, regardless of whether the candidate is personally affiliated with a party.

    Small-“i” independents have no common political ideology or worldview, which is a big part of the reason SB 69’s requirement that independent candidates be nominated only by independent voters is so ridiculous.

    But speaking only for myself, Les, “repulsion” is a pretty good word for it. :)

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