Trump Troubles: More Uninsured, Tax Cut Benefits Debunked…

…and don’t forget bone spurs!

Here’s a quick morning brief on Donald Trump’s continuing failure to Preside:

  1. After steadily and substantially decreasing since full implementation of the Affordable Care Act, the number of Americans lacking health coverage has increased by 3.5 million since Trump took office. Trump has articulated no coherent plan of his own for reversing that trend and has only thrown his voice behind a series of unworkable but fortunately failed Republican plans that would only make the problem worse.
  2. Trump’s plan to cut taxes on corporations will not boost wages. The United Kingdom offers empirical proof: the Brits recently cut their corporate tax rate from 30% to 19% while we kept ours at 35%, and their real median wages went down while ours crept up.
  3. As Trump issues an executive order to recall retired soldiers to fight whichever big, distracting war he can provoke first, Senator John McCain calls into question Trump’s moral fitness to lead soldiers. Speaking of the Vietnam War, Senator McCain said on C-SPAN Sunday, “One aspect of the conflict, by the way, that I will never ever countenance is that we drafted the lowest-income level of America, and the highest-income level found a doctor that would say that they had a bone spur.”
  4. 58% of Americans agree with Senator McCain and me that Old Bone Spur (maybe the Secret Service’s real code name for POTUS?) is not doing his job well. His Gallup disapproval hasn’t dipped below 50% since March 11. The Real Clear Politics poll average shows similar results: Trump’s approval has been below 40% for most of the time since mid-July.

South Dakota Democrats spent eight years losing votes because of South Dakota voter’s distaste for a really effective President with a funny-sounding name. It’s time for Democrats to turn that around and get South Dakotans to punish our current majority party for bringing us a President with far less in common with South Dakotans, including the simple ability to do his job.

4 Responses to Trump Troubles: More Uninsured, Tax Cut Benefits Debunked…

  1. What role does reason have in an unreasoned discussion? The cornerstone of this administration has been that facts do not matter, and any facts in opposition are fake news. When confronted with facts in opposition to the President, his supporters entrench their support for him. Finally, when favorability is historically low, Americans would re-elect the President.

    So I ask again with no hint of sarcasm: what role does reason have in an unreasoned (or even unreasonable) discussion?

  2. mike from iowa

    Be interesting to see if Drumpf brings any campaign monies from overseas. He actively solicited them from foreign nations during the campaign. I was sure it was illegal, but……..

    This might be the new wingnut plan to cleanse voter rolls on top of everything else they have done under Drumpf.

    Plus it is hillary-ous.

  3. mike from iowa

    Wingnut claims wingnut taxcuts will increase pay from 4 to 9000 dollars. Then tries to claim the economy is buzzing along at 3.1% (2.2%) and would really grow with taxcuts. Except taxcuts don’t generate economic growth. Something wingnuts can’t seem to understand.

  4. O, yes, the lack of impact reason appears to have on the Trump Administration and its die-hard supporters is deeply distressing. Can we bring a majority to the polls in the proper Electoral College distribution to reverse this error? Or will Putin get his wish and see rational Western democracy fail?