Bjorkman to Take Questions at Sierra Club Forum Oct. 5 in Sioux Falls

Your actual Congresswoman shows up for private meetings with cops and safely controlled speaking engagements where she can avoid protestors. The Democrat who wants to replace her in Congress, Tim Bjorkman, holds public meetings, like a forum coming up next week in Sioux Falls.

The Sierra Club will host Bjorkman at a public forum at the Icon Event Center and Lounge, 102 North Main, on Thursday, October 5, from 5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.:

Tim said, “I am convinced that we need to send strong, independent leaders to Washington who will stand up for South Dakota values…That’s why I am running for Congress”. Take this op- portunity to meet him personally and ask him where he stands on the issues important to you.

Mark Winegar, Chairman of the South Dakota Chapter of the Sierra Club, is pleased to host this event for the congressional candidate. He said, “Many of our members have spoken with Tim and are impressed with his candidacy. Personally speaking, I like him. I think you will too” [Sierra Club, South Dakota Chapter, press release, 2017.09.26].

The event is free and open to the public; you just walk in, and there’s a public servant, ready to take your question, with no party apparatchik moderator wagging his finger at you as if you’re a bad person for wanting to ask a tough question. Heck, the only thing standing between you and your chance to ask Bjorkman a question may be a big line of other interested citizens.

One Response to Bjorkman to Take Questions at Sierra Club Forum Oct. 5 in Sioux Falls

  1. Not that he needs my advice, but Tim should speak everywhere and anywhere. While South Dakota has taken a step backwards in “vote for an (R) beside the name” (how else to explain Shawn Tornow?), if he barnstorms as much as possible, I can see a close race. Dusty Johnson is clearly not a public servant, but a social climber. He has no loyalty to the jobs he has been elected to perform. I hope Tim harps on that fact.