SD Forward Forms PAC, Taking Money on ActBlue

South Dakota Forward, one of the groups formed in reaction to the grave errors of the 2016 election, has organized itself as a political action committee. Co-chairs Brooke Abdallah of Spearfish and Amanda Bachmann of Pierre say their PAC will “promote civic engagement, advocate for awareness on legislative issues, and champion candidates, initiatives, and ideas that aim to cultivate a more equal and inclusive state for all South Dakotans.”

If you’d like to promote, advocate, and champion similarly, SD Forward will take your money via ActBlue. The group is also raising money by selling tees, tanks, and hoodies online. Suit up!

Recall that we have seen progressive South Dakotans start down a road like this before. South Dakota Progress formed shortly after the disappointing 2014 election and met through 2015 in hopes of organizing support for progressive candidates. SD Progress disappeared without making any noticeable impact on 2016’s election results.

One Response to SD Forward Forms PAC, Taking Money on ActBlue

  1. BAH. Any involvement with that act blue group, bald rhythmic drumming aside, will limit their fund raising. Expect no impact again. This is how it should be, and how it is. grudznick shrugs, and ignores.