SDSU Democrats to Protest Noem’s DACA Wishy-Washiness September 21

Oh, those trouble-making SDSU Democrats!

Congresswoman Kristi Noem is coming to the Brookings Swiftel Center on Thursday (a weekday? doesn’t she have work in Washington?), September 21, to speak at Sioux Valley Energy’s third “Take Action” forum. Instead of being quiet and sensible and going inside for Sioux Valley’s free meal (your coop dollars at work), the South Dakota State College Democrats will be standing around outside shouting peacefully about Donald Trump’s revocation of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program and Congresswoman Noem’s refusal to support protecting 800,000 young de facto Americans from deportation:

“Once our border is secure, we can better identify the needs of our immigration system, ensuring safety, income and opportunity for Americans remains the first priority,” Noem said in a statement [Dana Ferguson, “South Dakota Officials Won’t Commit to Replacing DACA,” USA Today, 2017.09.05].

Like Rep. Noem, Senator M. Michael Rounds has avoided the merits of protecting young immigrants who were brought to America by their parents without proper documentation by unnecessarily tying their fate with stricter border control:

“I think there is some common ground that we all want to work toward and at the same time have compassion for these younger people who in many cases never knew another country,” Rounds said. “But we can’t do that without getting something done on border security” [“Sen. Rounds Won’t Commit to Supporting DACA Replacement,” AP via U.S. News and World Report, 2017.09.08].

Yes, we can, Mike. Securing the border is a completely separate issue. As implemented by President Obama in 2012, DACA extends no protection to anyone who is crossing the border now. Current border security measures have nothing to do with the 800,0o0 DACA recipients already studying or working or both here in America. You and Kristi need to quit forging false complications and just solve the problem: tell these young Americans they can stay, then go back to pretending you’re going to shake down Mexico to build a bigger ineffectual wall.

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  1. So far, none of the “terrific trio” has equated solving the DACA issue with the need for a tax cut ……. but, give them time.