Aberdeen PD Catches Armed Robber; Mugshot Costs $10

More danger and excitement in Aberdeen—according to the Aberdeen Police Department and a smattering of Facebook friends, an armed robber hit the Deuces Wild/Grande Casino building (I think the e is silent) at 12:06 p.m. today. In multiple signs of a lack of planning, the crook fled in broad daylight on foot (you’ve got to have wheels to put distance between you and the scene of the crime and force the police to spread their search resources) dropping money on the street as he went (bring a bag, preferably a snug backpack to keep both hands free, stuff it with cash, then zip it up so you aren’t leaving a trail bread crumbs).

Local motorcyclist Matthew Spencer reported the crime immediately on Facebook and appears to have helped police track the robber. Aberdeen PD established a perimeter around the neighborhood within minutes. By 12:22, they had apprehended 38-year-old Jesus Antonio Aguilera Rivera in a garage two blocks up and two over, in the 1100 block of Southeast Third Avenue. No shots were fired.

I’d buzz down to the Brown County Jail to get a mugshot of the suspect, but a couple weeks ago, the Brown County Commission voted to increase the cost of newly public mugshots from the already unreasonable $8 to $10, not because of any actual cost of providing the mugshots, but just because they want “a more even number” and want to claw back some of the money they pay the newspaper for publishing legal notices. My Libertarian friends mistakenly claim that taxation is theft. Tacking two bucks onto a fee for a public document—now that’s theft!

5 Responses to Aberdeen PD Catches Armed Robber; Mugshot Costs $10

  1. mike from iowa

    This would be bad guy needs to be assigned a Drumpf cabinet member’s moniker, due to total incompetence. Any suggestions?

  2. Mr. H, as an immigrantian Aberdeenonian yourself, I expect you and Mr. Rivera were on the same train into town, right? Or perhaps he was born there in Madison or over there in Krantzgburg. Or maybe in McLaughlin.

    They should throw the book at this fellow, but not let people like you or I have his picture to blog across the internets and sully him forever. For he may in fact be found not guilty, and bloggers lie and exaggerate all the time.

  3. Maybe next they’ll assess the “crook” for the charge of providing the photos.

  4. Mr. Bear, Aberdeen has plenty of tax money and no doubt owns one of those big TV signs like Rapid City has over there by the Civic Center. I suggest Aberdeen start broadcasting these mugs.

  5. Maybe the fellow needs health insurance and did not qualify for Medicaid. Well, we will take care of him now for all his needs for a spell.