Politicos Boost Miracle Treat Day at Madison DQ

Madison Dairy Queen broke 40,000 again in Miracle Treat Day Blizzard sales yesterday.

Madison DQ impresario DeLon Mork doggedly defends his avid fundraising for the Children’s Miracle Network from any political campaigning. Politicos regularly show up at for the big Madison DQ event, but DeLon keeps the event about the kids those ice cream purchases help, not campaigners who might be angling for free press.

So this photo from Madison DQ yesterday is not of two prominent Republicans who could work together to beat back their high-powered challengers and win nomination to higher office:

[from Dairy Queen of Madison SD Facebook, 2017.07.27]
[from Dairy Queen of Madison SD Facebook, 2017.07.27]
No, this is a photo of two state officials, coming to chip in a few dollars and boost the profile of one of South Dakota’s most successful charitable events, just like the Governor of South Dakota, who’s not campaigning for anything:

from Madison DQ FB, 2017.07.27

Secretary of State, Attorney General, Governor… doesn’t that automatically make Madison Capital for the Day?

10 Responses to Politicos Boost Miracle Treat Day at Madison DQ

  1. Ashley Kenneth Allen

    Raising money for kids is not politics. It’s one day both sides can come together and meet in the middle for Blizzards. DeLon Mork is generous to both sides.

    I know for a fact that invitations were extended to Democratic candidates to visit DQ MTD in Madison and none chose to come this year. It’s open to everyone. As a SDDP Executive Board Committeeman, I’ve let the leadership know that all of our candidates need to be in Madison the last weekend in July for MTD and Discovery Days. The invitation is out there. If Dems want to win, they need to show up. The Republicans never miss an event in Madison. Not a Parade, and not MTD.

  2. Holy cow! Dems—go get Blizzards! (Imagine the happy optics: Billie Sutton and Marty Jackley, Tim Bjorkman and Shantel Krebs, side by side, toasting DeLon with Blizzards!)

  3. Mr. H, you and DeLon are old softball buddies from the Madison church and beer leagues, aren’t you? You should have had him ship you a box of these milk shakes on dry ice.

  4. Grudz, you’ve got me confused with some other liberal blogger from Madison. I’ve played for a church league or a beer league. I have little if any interaction with either church or beer.

  5. You have played for the leagues, Mr. H, but you have little interaction with beer or church. I understand your blogging at 20:32 but it does somewhat confuse me.

    Perhaps you and DeLon are not as tight as I thought. Did you have picnics in his back yard? Say hi on the street when your bicycle contraptions, his upright and yours recumbering, passed each other on the steep hills around town? I guess somebody told me you were the svelt center fielder for Mr. Mork’s championship teams, but it could have been a different Madison blog fellow.

  6. The important point is: Did Mr. Mork ship out a crate of frozen milk shakes for this good cause, to you? It is a swell cause. And I am surprised Mr. Dusty was not there, not to mention the other people like Barnett who will be our next State Secretary.

  7. Ben Cerwinske

    Any rationale on why they don’t show up?

  8. Roger Cornelius

    republicans don’t attend these events because they feel charitable, they attend for the free press.

  9. Wade Brandis

    I wish I could have gone to Miracle Treat Day. Unfortunately, the Winner Dairy Queen has been closed since last fall, and the new owners are dragging their feet in remodeling the place and reopening the restaurant.

  10. Chris Francis

    I know DeLon reached out to Billie Sutton (our next governor), so next year, Billie (and all of our Dems) you’ve gotta come out and get a blizzard, or dozen, and stick around for the day. I’m sure Russ Olson and Scott Parsley will join you for that picture too! – and DeLon and crew do a great community gathering event, the town needs these days, and that buzz of energy, it’s much appreciated by all. Thanks!