Soros Foundation Supports Aberdeen Pro-Diversity Campaign

Aberdeen Together logo
Aberdeen Together logo

George Soros appears to be helping counterprogram Aberdeen’s mini-Klan.

A year after the ugly, embarrassing, Trumpily fact-averseAmericans First, Task Force” began barfing its cheap hate onto Facebook and in seamy public slideshows by out-of-state conspiracy theorists, a new group, Aberdeen Together, has opened a Facebook page to share pleasant pro-immigration, pro-diversity messages.

Alas, like AF,TF, Aberdeen Together remains so far anonymous, with no indication on their Facebook page of who is running the show. Their About page offers only this brief, general niceness:

The face of Aberdeen is changing, and together, we can create a vibrant, uplifting community. Our children are already playing, growing and learning together. Isn’t it time we do the same? Visit to learn more [Aberdeen Together, “About” Facebook page, retrieved 2017.07.25].

That recommended website right now remains in billboard stage—no links, no resources, not even contact info, just the same stock photo of innocent young diverse fútbolistas and a promise that a new site is coming soon.

But unlike Aberdeen’s pale imitation of the KKK, Aberdeen Together at least tells us where its money is coming from:, screen shot magnified to highlight funding statement at bottom of page, retrieved 2017.07.25., screen shot magnified to highlight funding statement at bottom of page, retrieved 2017.07.25.

“Supported by a grant from the Open Society Foundation”—add an s, and you get the Open Society Foundations, the family of organizations that billionaire financier George Soros founded in 1979 to “build vibrant and tolerant societies whose governments are accountable and open to the participation of all people.” Open society—in other words, a bold and healthy inclusiveness, the exact opposite of the Americans First, Task Force’s selfish, fearful exclusivity.

Soros is investing heavily in helping refugees around the world. I look forward to seeing how his investment in Aberdeen is used to combat anti-refugee, anti-foreigner sentiment.