Eleven Governors Call for Bipartisan Health Care Reform; Will Daugaard Be #12?

The SDGOP spin blog is oh-so proud of Dennis Daugaard for being the fifth most popular governor in the country. Too bad Governor Daugaard can’t work up the courage to use that popularity the way four of his fellow top-tenners are to promote bipartisan health care reform:

Congress should work to make health insurance more affordable by controlling costs and stabilizing the market, and we are pleased to see a growing number of senators stand up for this approach. The Senate should immediately reject efforts to ‘repeal’ the current system and replace sometime later. This could leave millions of Americans without coverage. The best next step is for both parties to come together and do what we can all agree on: fix out unstable insurance markets. Going forward, it is critically important that governors are brought to the table to provide input, and we stand ready to work with lawmakers in an open, bipartisan way to provide better insurance for all Americans [Governors’ statement on U.S. Senate health care bill, tweeted by Gov. John Kasich of Ohio, 2017.07.18].

Signers include five Republicans, five Democrats, and one independent. Ten of the eleven signers govern states that have expanded Medicaid under the ACA.

Governor Daugaard spent yesterday declaring Brookings Capital for a Day. Governor Daugaard has not yet commented publicly on his response to the medicine show Trump officials put on at the National Governors Association meeting, a Newspeak extravaganza that went over with most governors like a lead balloon.

4 Responses to Eleven Governors Call for Bipartisan Health Care Reform; Will Daugaard Be #12?

  1. are u kidding, dennis is and has only been killing 30-90 residents a year for five years or so? that’s nothing

    Billy will expand Medicaid and SD will grow up a little.

  2. mike from iowa


    Latest iteration of taxcuts causes 32 million to lose care. Do I hear 50 million?

  3. Leslie, Trump’s failure offers Sutton exactly that opportunity, to include Medicaid expansion in his campaign platform.

  4. barry freed

    It has been claimed that Republicans offered and had Bills attached to the original ACA. Is that not bi-partisan?

    How do politicians, who vote for corporate profits over people’s health and lives, get reelected?
    The plausible lie is: Incumbents are impossible to beat.

    The plausible truth is: Just as the VW’s computers were programed to “sense” emissions test scenarios and then hide their illegal software, our DS850 Ballot Tabulators, with disabled Audit Logs and Ballot Imaging features, can be successfully hacked by anyone without leaving evidence. Without Audit Logs and Ballot Imaging our machines have, but County Auditors refuse to use, there is no way to assess the Tabulator vote counting accuracy. Anyone can hack them without detection: from a school custodian with a screwdriver and instructions off of the Internet, to an overzealous poll worker when preparing the machines, to the KGB in Russia via the Internet. We are being distracted and confused by a lie that paper ballots can’t be hacked, and a focus on Voter Fraud which exists in numbers too small to count, rather than the actual Ballot Fraud we suffered, and still face without Logs and Images.

    The Tell is in exit polls. The 2016 election polling was abruptly ended mid-day November 8th, when irregularities in at least 21 States were found. Were these suspicious polling results to come from Croatia or any other Country, the US Government would declare Trump’s win as completely illegitimate. Exit Polls were so far off, there is an ongoing lawsuit to force the polling company, who claims exclusive ownership of the poll results, to release them to the public who paid for them.

    Our DS850’s run on Windows 95.