Sutton Vows to Protect SD Voters from Trump/Kobach Overreach

Democratic gubernatorial candidate Billie Sutton appears to agree with me that that South Dakota Democrats can win by attacking the Trump/Kobach commission’s attempted invasion of our privacy in its overreaching request for state voter records. From Team Sutton’s latest fundraising e-mail:

Sutton promises to protect your data from Trump!
Sutton promises to protect your data from Trump!

The Federal Government seems to have forgotten the long-standing American value of respecting states rights when they demanded your personal voter data from every state in the country.

Join me in saying no to this attempted invasion of your privacy and attack on our right to vote!

Despite study after study conclusively indicating that voter fraud is not a significant problem, the administration in Washington DC persists with their commission.

We must stand up to ensure that this data is not used to suppress voters in this or any state of the union.

The request may be on a temporary hold for now, but we must not be complacent. As governor, I promise to do everything in my power to protect the constitutionally guaranteed right to vote for all citizens of South Dakota [Billie Sutton, campaign e-mail, 2017.07.13].

You can ask candidate Sutton more about his desire to protect you from Trump and the feds at his meet-and-greet at Falls Park in Sioux Falls next Wednesday, July 19, starting at 6:30 p.m. Feel free to ask Sutton’s Republican opponents (Kristi Noem, Marty Jackley, Lora Hubbel, Terry LaFleur) if, as avowed limited-government conservatives, they share Sutton’s concern about Trumpitarian overreach.

16 Responses to Sutton Vows to Protect SD Voters from Trump/Kobach Overreach

  1. I’d ask Noem but when and where?

  2. trumpcare will overreach into rural hospitals causing them to close. trumpcare will overreach into rural nursing homes causing them to close. Everything about cult republicans is overreach. trump declared his overreach with Billy Bush on other matters. Guess what, they don’t care either. That Medicaid slash and burn is a direct assault on Social Security itself. Think about that for a minute and then ask yourself why are you gonna let that sit. Dump them all, hire Democrats to do the jobs of governing, not the con of stealing.

  3. Oh sure, let more muslims in. Great neighbors. Everyone else are just racist haters. Our brothers, daughters, sons and fellow citizens will be ok. . . They don’t hate us. They are just like us. They have the same values, morals and beliefs.

  4. owen reitzel

    better then some Christians Sarg

  5. Roger Cornelius

    There are many Muslims that have been in this country longer than some whites.

  6. Roger Cornelius

    Since Trump’s lie about voter fraud has long been disproven, maybe Billie can concentrate more on the real problem of voter suppression.

  7. The Military Times also hits your friends the russians OldSarg for the maiming and killing of all NATO service members. Remember, Afghanistan is a NATO operation as it is an American one as well. All member have some skin in the game and all members have lost sons and daughters there.

    Chinese armaments are also prevalent in Afghanistan. So there is that. Now it is true that there are Muslims in both China and Russia. You surely cannot think that those Muslims override Putin or Xi Jinping?

  8. Now, how could keeping Muslims out of the country do anything with voting? Would you take us down the rabbit trail to that conclusion OldSarg? You need to sign up with Eric and the former Blackwater and go get you some over there in the sandbox. Hot right now in that box, but you don’t believe in global warming so just think cool thoughts. Oh, and vote while you are there, dag nab it. Tell the Muslims you put an x in for whoever the cult tells you to put it in for.

  9. What I really love about all your blathering is none of you have been there. None of you have fought, worked with or even socialized with those from islamic countries but you are all experts on how “wonderful” islam will be for the United States.

    “I love snakes! They are so friendly and cuddly. You don’t understand!”~Core

  10. So Sarg, y’all ARE one who has ‘fought, worked with or even socialized with those from [I]slamic [sic] countries [so] you are all experts on how “wonderful”’ yet another religion ‘will be for the United States’? Please elaborate with out the blathering attack.

    I grew up with the Abourezks. We escaped the draft somehow. Still waiting for your response on the other thread you challenged or threatened me on.

    Does Jerry’s service overseas qualify for you?

  11. Alt right is now All Russian, Thune/Rounds and NOem may have won their ideology, but we are finding their ideology and Putin’s Russia are one in the same. They sold us out. Now they are working on getting our Social Security through Medicaid dissolvement. What Billie Sutton is vowing to do on a state level, is to protect your identity and your voter integrity. When an American political office seeker needs to declare that in a democracy, you then realize how far these three congress people have taken us away from the very foundations of this country. A country divided cannot stand and in particular when part of it stands with Putin’s Russia.

  12. All Russian overreach from a fake president and his fake enforcer. We in South Dakota do need protecting from these Russians. This is something that NOem and Jackley have proven incapable of. Sutton recognizes this for the great threat it is. Of course the fake president will call this fake news as that is what he has blathered in voice along with his little tweeter.

  13. mike from iowa

    If our troops weren’t in a country they shouldn’t be in, they would probably be safe from Iran. But, with that fat mouthed bastard in the WH, who didn’t serve and knows nothing about governing, we will soon be at war with Iran and then Drumpf’s buddy Putin’s merry little armies.

    It amazes me so many right wingers seem to have the attitude that America never is wrong about illegal wars and want to use every weapon known to man to murder innocent civilians because we are a so called kristian nation with gawd on our side.

    All you war mongers get your kids in the army s0 they can be the first to die in the next illegal war wingnuts start.

  14. Old Sarg brilliantly pulls us off topic by saying things like Trump does that are completely false.

    Trump has peddled the myth that millions of illegal votes were cast to tilt the election toward Clinton. Sutton appropriately resists that fraud and points to the real danger to the integrity of our elections, the Trump/Kobach overreach.

    OldSarg, terribly uncomfortable with facts and arguments that he can’t refute (or maybe just getting confused, as many of us do sometimes, and submitting his comment under the wrong post?) and starts shouting about how Muslims will destroy us all. He also fabricates from whole cloth his wild and fuzzy allegation that “you are all experts on how “wonderful” islam will be for the United States.” For the record, I’ve never said Islam will be wonderful for the United States. I’ve made no such claim about the benefits of any religion for the United States. But I also don’t support interrogating people about their religion at the border or at the polls to determine whether we should let them in.

    There—how do you like that synthesis of a tangent?

  15. As each hour goes by, there are more revelations about Russian involvement in our vote. Billie Sutton is the only person running for a statewide office, who has publicly declared that they will protect the voter integrity for us here in South Dakota. NOem certainly has not as she benefits from the Russian involvement as does our own attorney general does. Billie Sutton is solid on that ground and we should be grateful that someone will protect our right. I do not see talkers like Nelson stand for protecting voters any more than I see any republican in the legislature doing so, why is that?

  16. Protect your party leaders or protect voters—yeah, Jerry, I think we have the superior campaign message. :-)