Rapid City Hosts Impeachment March, Noem Town Hall, Democratic Friendraiser

Impeach Trump bumper stickerIndivisible Rapid City is hosting a march Sunday at noon to advocate impeaching Donald Trump. The national Impeachment March website suggests as grounds for impeachment violation of the Foreign Emoluments Clause, violation of the Domestic Emoluments Clause, and obstruction of justice. See also Todd Epp’s more extensive draft articles of impeachment, and boil your preferred items down to picket signs as you see fit. Marchers meet at on the south side of Memorial Park, at Omaha Street and Mount Rushmore Road.

Rep. Kristi Noem will miss that march, but I hear that she’s hosting a town hall in Rapid City on Wednesday, July 5, 9:30* a.m., at the Pennington County Commission chambers on 130 Kansas Street. Never mind impeachment; just ask Rep. Noem what she would do if her kids tweeted the kinds of false personal insults that Donald Trump tweets. Then ask her if Trump was right when he said the job-killing health care bill she voted for is “mean.”

Barack Obama raises a glass
No word yet that Barack will be in Rapid City for any of these events… but hey, Penn Dems! You have invited him, right?

If those two events wear you down, Pennington County Democrats offer a pick-me-up the following Monday, July 10, with their Pennington County Democratic Friendraiser. “No business or planning,” Penn Dems promise, “just conversation with other Democrats.” 5:30 to 8:30 p.m. MDT at Thirsty’s, 819 W. Main, where the Penn Dems recommend the $5 burger special.

*Update 2017.07.01 13:22 CDT: The original notice I received said the Noem town hall would start at 10 a.m.; eager reader Susan below reports the time has been changed to 9:30 a.m. Arrive early, get a good seat!

26 Responses to Rapid City Hosts Impeachment March, Noem Town Hall, Democratic Friendraiser

  1. Laurence Tribe ✔ @tribelaw
    If WH told @morningmika & @JoeNBC the Nat’l Enquirer wd smear them unless they laid off T on their show, that wd be a crime per 18 USC 872
    9:44 AM – 30 Jun 2017

    Not only trump, but the rest of the gang there need be impeached. Wow, this is huge! Feet do your feat and get on the impeachment trail.

  2. How many people can the comissioners room hold I wonder?

  3. Good question Owen, probably a little bigger than a phone booth but not by much. As that will in the a courthouse, they will scan you for anything that might be considered offensive to NOem. Kind of like being in a police station. Ol’ NOem is worried about protesters I guess.

  4. The Noem event is to be held in the County Admin Bldg – not the Ct Hse and there is no metal detector at the entrance. Capacity (if memory serves) is probably not more than 100.

  5. Curt, this is Rapid City, Noem is safe here and she knows it.

  6. Jerry, is anyone corroborating Scarborough’s claim of blackmail?

    Tim, indeed, I wouldn’t think any elected official in South Dakota requires any extra security for a public meeting.

  7. Scarborough has the records of the contacts with the White House. His fiance has the calls as well, her children have been called, the National Enquirer posted a story online and then removed it. So yeah, I guess that his story has been corroborated with these reports. Scarborough made it public over the airways, and trump corroborated it with his little tweeter.

  8. I really do not know what else you call threatening to release information if you do not get a pay off of whatever it may be. In this case, trump wanted them to grovel at his feet or he would release his attack dog that all the old cult republicans read while in line at the super market. http://nymag.com/daily/intelligencer/2017/06/what-happened-between-trump-morning-joe-and-the-enquirer.html

  9. Susan England

    Noem has moved the start time of her town hall up by a half hour. It is to start at 9:30 am instead of 10 am.

  10. Curt: “there is no metal detector at the entrance” what is your point with that statement? I would like to honestly know. Are you trying to prompt an attack or discourage people from attending? It certainly appears that way.

    What you did was dangerous, irresponsible and stupid.

  11. Fake outrage, OldSarg. Curt was responding to Jerry’s mistaken statement that the event would be held in the courthouse. He was refuting the assertion that the event was being held someplace where every entrant would be scanned before entry, actually taking away the argument that some anti-Noem radicals might make that she’s only showing her face in ultra-controlled police-state settings.

  12. You can defend him all day long Cory but you got the same impression I did: promoting the ease of sneaking a gun into this public meeting. It was irresponsible, stupid and dangerous.

  13. No, I did not get the same sense you did. You Trumpublicans need to stop projecting your imaginations and sins onto everyone else. Curt said nothing irresponsible, stupid, or dangerous. You are just trying to distract the issue from Noem’s rare public appearances and all the bad votes and bad leadership she has to answer for.

  14. Thanks, Cory – I will respond to “OldSarg” myself. You should have read Jerry’s comment which immediately preceded mine. I was merely trying to contribute meaningful information to the conversation – not unlike Susan England’s statement re: start time. I take offense at your characterization of facts as “dangerous, irresponsible and stupid.” Beyond that, I refuse to dignify your malicious attack.

  15. 1) I’m not a Trumpublicans but I am a Constitutionalist. Trump was still a better choice over a known criminal.

    2) Curt provided information that could have endangered the citizens attending.

    3) I don’t care if it was Noem or Obama. What was done was irresponsible and now I am starting not not see it so much as stupid but rather an evil act.

    4) I hope Curt is wise enough to pull his posting down rather than bear the responsibility of a lost life due to his act.

  16. Porter Lansing

    “How Fox News Made My Dad Crazy” by Jen Yamato

  17. mike from iowa

    Drumpf is a known criminal. He has bosom buddies in Russia and America mobs. He doesn’t pay his bills to contractors. He lies every time his jabber jaws flop open.

    For all her faults, HRC, at the very least hnowa and understands how our government is suppposed to function. Drumpf don’t know s***. Hope yer proud of yer tool in the WH.

  18. OldSarg is determined to distract, so let me take some heat.

    The Aberdeen public library, Aberdeen city hall, Brown County Courthouse, Northern State University library, and Aberdeen school district buildings have no metal detectors. One can attend Aberdeen city council meetings, Brown County commission meetings, and Aberdeen Central school board meetings without passing through a metal detector.

    In making the above statement, I have done nothing stupid or evil. I have not encouraged or endorsed violent activity at any of those venues. I bear no responsibility for any violent activity that other evildoers might commit at those venues.

    OldSarg, the “constitutionalist”, apparently wants us to maintain a strict police state with universal surveillance. How’s that for a distraction?

    But hey, feel free to attend Noem’s town hall—which, as Susan helpfully notes, has been bumped back to 9:30—and ask her if she supports the installation of metal detectors in every public building and if so how she would fund such installations as Governor.

  19. The Democratic Friendraiser on July 10 will also be held at a facility with no metal detectors… but you will have to present ID to get beer.

  20. I respect your service but dems are the last people to create violence over political events. this is just a new fox lie spinning republican violent nra tendencies as “democrat violence”. everything is spun backwards. just more republican b.s., swallow much? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P9d795M0m-k https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eqkmJpUd6qs

    murders committed by domestic extremists in the United States of all types, right-wing extremists are responsible for about 74 percent of those murders.” The actual share is higher still, … https://www.thenation.com/article/why-does-the-far-right-hold-a-near-monopoly-on-political-violence/

    If red and blue America fear and loathe one another equally, and a similar number believe that political violence is acceptable, then why is there so much more of it on the fringes of the right?
    Part of the answer lies in a clear difference between right and left: For the past 40 years, Republicans, parroting the gun-rights movement, have actively promoted the idea that firearms are a vital bulwark against government tyranny. you can keep the government under control by taking up weapons, found its first serious expression in a law review article published in 1960. And the idea really took hold among a subset of Americans and a subset of gun owners, who argue to this day that this was part of the purpose of the Second Amendment. They talk about the Minutemen and the Revolutionary War and the Declaration of Independence. The idea really took hold in the 1970s and 1980s when the NRA itself began to use this same kind of rhetoric.”

    …people who behave aggressively in real-life more likely to endorse violence against political leaders.”

    Liberals believe that mature institutions and the separation of powers are what keep tyranny at bay.

    Kristi has nothing to fear from dems. except hard questions she has been running from that cover her vow to defend the constitution.points that are untrue

    i’ll argue with you all day any day as long as you push republican talking points. as far as the Bernie supporter at the baseball shooting, the aurora theater shooting was worse and still gun laws are ineffective, thanks to NRA

  21. old sarg-read this https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2017/jul/01/portland-far-right-rally-republicans-militia-security

    right wing militias guarding republicans at rallys? jfc.

  22. There is free beer at the Democrat fund raiser?

  23. Yes, there is free beer, for a couple bucks a glass. The free beer question has always been a question that is always answered when you order. If you say, please, I would like a free beer and the person you ask says no way. Then you will have to pay. There, are we cool on that?

  24. leslie, Portland is in Washington state now. . .

    Sleep safe

  25. mike from iowa

    Remember how faux embarrassed wingnuts claimed to be when Obama bowed to the Japanese PM? Where did all that faux embarrassment go? Drumpf has made the once mighty US the laughingstock of the world with his childish antics and hissy fits. Someone needs to remind moron wingnuts it is up to them to file charges against bawl baby poopy Don John.

  26. Sleep safe–????OLD SARGE-you don’t deserve respect if u intentionally distract from facts and waste everyone’s time and credibility. ‘Brawls and verbal confrontations punctuated the latest in a series of far-right “patriot movement” events in Portland, Oregon… Portland Republicans voted this week to invite heavily armed militia groups to provide security at public events…. Republicans used a major rightwing rally in the city, on 4 June and in the tense aftermath of a racially motivated double murder on city transportation (that event was held in the immediate aftermath of the murder of Taliesin Myrddin Namkai-Meche, 23, and Rick Best, 53, two men who came to the aid of girls being subject to racial abuse on a train), as a recruiting platform… The event was organised by a rightwing protest group from Vancouver, Washington, that has staged many pro-Trump and “free speech” events in liberal cities and on college campuses throughout the Pacific north-west.’

    those would be Idaho and Ore 3%ers, Oath Keepers, ____, Patriot Prayer and many others, most all wrapping themselves in the flag. Armed, dangerous, threatening, radical, Nev./Ore. Bundy-types. If I lived in Harney County Ore I would have lost some sleep from the threat, as you suggest now. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9tEIAhEEgdo Are you one of these? Had Justice and FBI not been trained to deal with such militias, those militias would be gone today. many have been prosecuted.

    no more free links for you.