Trump’s Own Lawyer Says President’s Words Meaningless

The President of the United States said on Twitter last week that he is under investigation for firing James Comey from the FBI:

Donald Trump, tweet, 2017.06.16.
Donald Trump, tweet, 2017.06.16.

The President’s private lawyer, Jay Sekulow, said yesterday that the President is not under investigation:

“The tweet from the president was in response to the five anonymous sources purportedly leaking information to the Washington Post,” he said, referring to the Post’s report this week that Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into Russian interference in the election now also includes a look at whether President Trump attempted to obstruct justice.

Sekulow claimed the president is not spending a lot of time composing the tweets, but defended them as a means of speaking directly to voters, saying “he’s responding to what he’s seeing in the media in a way in which he thinks is appropriate to talk to those people that put him in office.”

“He’s not afraid of the investigation — there is no investigation,” Sekulow said, adding, “there is not an investigation of the President of the United States, period” [Kailani Koenig, “Trump Attorney: The President Is Not Under Investigation,” NBC News, 2017.06.18].

The President’s own lawyer is telling the world that the President of the United States does not spend enough time crafting the messages he sends via his primary channel of communication to provide clear, reliable statements. In other words, we and the entire world cannot take at face value the words of the President of the United States.

6 Responses to Trump’s Own Lawyer Says President’s Words Meaningless

  1. Ya gotta wonder, who’s the dummy? … and whose knee is he sitting on?

  2. mike from iowa

    Here Suck-u-low has a slightly different interpretation of Drumpf saying he was under investigation- The president’s statement on Friday that “I am being investigated for firing the FBI Director by the man who told me to fire the FBI Director” was simply a response to a Washington Post report that special counselor Robert Mueller had widened his investigation to include an examination of whether or not Trump committed obstruction of justice.

    Mueller’s investigation into Drumpf is now an examination of whether Drumpf obstructed justice. Got it?

    Seems like in real life when a party under investi…..examination injects his thoughts and opinions about the investigator and the judicial system over and over, sounds like he might be trying to taint the jury pool and public opinion. That sounds like obstruction.

  3. bearcreekbat

    Jay Sekulow’s claim that Trump is not under investigation “period!” copies a page right out of Spicer’s statement that Trump’s inauguration crowds were the largest, “period!” Adding the exclamation “period!” is a sure sign that the statement is false.

  4. Roger Elgersma

    Trump lies, his lawyer does not want to defend the lies, so the lawyer says you can not trust the lies as if they were not bad. Slick lawyering, but would anyone actually expect Trump to hire an honest lawyer. Never, because they have to be loyal to trump rather than do what is right.

  5. Roger Corenlius

    Roger E.
    Trump would be hard pressed to find an honest lawyer to represent him
    Four of the most credible law firms in the Washington, D.C. area declined to represent him. Reasons given for their refusal to represent Trump were that he wouldn’t pay them and wouldn’t cooperate with them and take their advice.

  6. Trump is a compulsive liar,he is like most politicians. Trump has no shame, he can look you straight in the eye and lie and it doesn’t bother him one bit