Jackley More Popular Among GOP Legislators than Former Legislator Noem?

The last invitation to a megabuck (well, technically, kilobuck) fundraiser for Marty Jackley‘s gubernatorial campaign suggests one area of support where Jackley may, surprisingly, get the drop on Kristi Noem: the Legislature.

Jackley got about 120 people to sign on as hosts for his June 22 soirée on the Alex Johnson roof in Rapid City (raising the real possibility that there could be more hosts than guests). Among those hosts are several current and former legislators:

  • Mike Buckingham
  • Mike Diedrich
  • Tim Goodwin
  • Rex Hagg
  • David Lust
  • Mac McCracken
  • Jeff Partridge
  • Bruce Rampelberg
  • Alan Solano

I check the campaign finance reports and find some present and past legislators tossing cash into Jackley’s kitty there, too:

  • Tom Brunner ($200)
  • Gary Cammack ($250)
  • R. Blake Curd ($1,000)
  • Bob Ewing ($200)
  • Dave Knudson ($1,000)
  • David Lust ($1,000)
  • Liz May ($200)
  • Mac McCracken ($500)
  • John Mills ($200)
  • Scott Munsterman ($1,000)
  • Betty Olson ($200)
  • Tona Rozum ($250)
  • Mike Vehle ($250)

I don’t have an invite to one of Kristi’s fundraisers handy (what?!), but Noem’s 2016 year-end report shows former legislator Kim Vanneman giving her $500. (I could be missing some legislators on both forms; I invite your review and correction!)

Jackley’s never served in the Legislature. Kristi Noem did, from 2007 through 2010. But the data above suggest that Republican legislators may be less inclined to choose one of their own for the Governor’s office in the 2018 primary.

5 Responses to Jackley More Popular Among GOP Legislators than Former Legislator Noem?

  1. mike from iowa

    So Kelo land is now Kilo land?

  2. Heck no, Mike! But if KELO gets kiloratings, KSFY only gets hectoratings, and KDLT gets dekaratings. (Pat Powers would get deciratings, while I would get plain ratings. :-D)

  3. jackley is business (contracts ect) as usual…rounds…daugaards…yahdahyahdah. remember EB5, MCEC….

    did I hear Tim Johnson, $900k, Sutton, in the same sentence :)? Sutton for Governor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. oh, forgot to add to the republican flaming failures-Medicaid Expansion ignorance

  5. Yeah, well, I’m thinking about registering Republican for a day just to vote for Kristi over Marty.

    Why not? Kristi Palin-Trump Noem doesn’t even go to work everyday – like the rest of us – she might actually be the single laziest Federal Legislator in the history of this country.

    I really believe, Billie Sutton can beat that lazy bimbo girl – who Republicans seem to think is just fine.