Daugaard Staying out of Noem/Jackley Primary

Governor Dennis Daugaard has endorsed his former chief of staff Dusty Johnson in the U.S. House race, but he’s staying out of the contest between Congresswoman Kristi Noem and Attorney General Marty Jackley for his own office:

Governor Dennis Daugaard
Endorsement? Not for Kristi or Marty….

I don’t have any plans to endorse anybody at this point. I think we’ve got two very good declared candidates in Kristi Noem and Marty Jackley. They’re going to be very credible candidates [Gov. Dennis Daugaard, transcribed from audio, “No Endorsement from Gov. Daugaard in Race for Governor,” HubCityRadio.com, 2017.04.19].

Noem and Jackley may not be disappointed—they may recall that Daugaard’s primary endorsements don’t have the greatest win/loss record.

Daugaard also repeats in this interview that he’s choosing retirement (he’ll be 65 next year), the farm, and grandkids over running for any more offices after he finishes his second term in the Governor’s office. But Daugaard still has lots of money to talk for him: as of February 6, his campaign account still held $1,132,008.80. His year-end report shows $36,000 spent on Legislative candidates, $55,000 against the nonpartisan open primary amendment, $26,325 on his own party, and a few thousand in spare change on big county parties, GOP PACs, and $250 for Rapid City Right to Life.