Podcast #7: Enno Limvere, Earth Day Fair, and More!

Crank up your headphones and ring the Tip Jar—it’s Dakota Free Press Podcast #7!

In this week’s episode, Green Aberdeen leader Enno Limvere tells us about Green Aberdeen’s local environmental efforts, the Earth Day Fair his group is hosting Saturday, and the theology behind his environmentalism. Plus, co-host Spencer Dobson and I talk about fallout from the Clare Lopez anti-Islam show, backlash against South Dakota’s discriminatory adoption law, Speaker Mark Mickelson and the cost of vo-tech education, and our Congressional delegation’s aversion to town halls.

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Clare Lopez, Pole Dancers, and Who’s Objectifying Whom [00:30]

San Francisco Doesn’t Like South Dakota [09:05]

  • March 27 article on San Francisco’s ban on city workers traveling to discriminatory South Dakota.

Mickelson and Vo-Tech Tuition [14:40]

  • Dakota Free Press post on Mickelson’s call for $9 million in additional state funding to bring South Dakota vo-tech tuition down to match Iowa’s.

Not Enough Town Halls [20:13]

Enno Limvere, Green Aberdeen, and the Earth Day Fair [28:10]

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4 Responses to Podcast #7: Enno Limvere, Earth Day Fair, and More!

  1. Porter Lansing

    Another gem. You guys mesh, well. Support Green Aberdeen- No foodouts. #grins

  2. Mr. Lansing, if I may ask you a question having not listened to Mr. H’s tape recording. I know you were a fully trained chef. If you would help teach an old fellow like me, what is a foodout?

  3. A gem?! That’s an awfully nice word. Thanks, Porter!

    Grudz, if you listen to the audio (click the orange triangle, the Play button, just like on your old tape recorder) and roll forward to about 46:00, the term will make perfect sense. (Go ahead, click the button—it’s free, and no subliminal messages.)

  4. Porter Lansing

    Hello, Mr. Grudznick. A foodout is like an electrical blackout but cities run out of food. It came up in a discussion about how many small farms have been consolidated into mega food corporations.