Final SD Voter Count: 544,293; GOP Leads Early Turnout

Secretary of State Shantel Krebs says South Dakota has more registered voters than ever. According to the November 1 voter tally, our final count for the 2016 general election is 544,293 registered voters. That’s about 15,700 more voters than we had in the 2012 general election and about 13,800 more than in 2008. The previous high, says Secretary Krebs, was 536,588 in July 2009.

In the last push to register voters, independents and “no party affiliation” added 3.24% to their count; Republicans added 1.58% to their ranks; Democrats grew their roll by only 0.76%. (That’s on me: I didn’t sign up enough voters while going door to door. Shame on me.)

By percentage, the champ adders are “Other” with 7.35% more voters and the Libertarians with 7.15% more voters. The Constitutionists lost one of their 501 voters, dropping 0.20%.

Secretary Krebs says over 80,000—nearly 15%—voters have requested early ballots.

Update 2016.11.03: By my count, as if closing time yesterday, 55,197 ballots have been submitted. By party, the early votes submitted break down as follows:

Party Early Votes Cast % Votes Cast % 11/1 Registration
GOP 25087 50.99% 46.31%
DEM 16459 33.45% 31.35%
IND/NPA 7522 15.29% 21.79%
Party Early Votes Cast % Votes Cast % 11/1 Registration
GOP 28,255 51.19% 46.31%
DEM 18,169 32.92% 31.35%
IND/NPA 8,608 15.60% 21.79%

Independents are turning out early in lower numbers than their percentage of overall registration. I speculate that reflects perhaps a lower level of engagement among independents. Early-voting Republicans and Democrats are outperforming their registration percentages, but Republicans are doing so with more gusto and hold a majority of votes cast so far. (Gordon, still want to ban early voting?)

Democrats, let’s catch up!

5 Responses to Final SD Voter Count: 544,293; GOP Leads Early Turnout

  1. Yeah, they voted…but who did they vote for?

  2. Looks like it is time to organize a new political party in South Dakota. Also looks like a failed SDDP Chairwoman Ann Tornberg get out the vote effort. Hmmm! CEO’s must be judged!

  3. Leo, I don’t have an opinion about Ms. Tornberg, but I don’t think the current rate of Democrats voting early is an indication of failure – the Dems represent 31% of registered voters, and 33% of all early votes are from registered Democrats.

    It’s the independents/no party folks who’re behind in early voting.

  4. Roger Cornelius

    What is holding you back from organizing a third party?

  5. …and indies can’t be punished for not getting out the vote; remember, they are not a party. Their lower ratio of participation is predictable, since that registration status often signals a certain remove from political activity.

    Leo, we’re in no position to determine “failure” of GOTV. That won’t be known until Election Day is done.

    To those frustrated with this year’s flatlines Dem registration, I still say what I said ten years ago when I threw in fully with the Democratic Party: we can more quickly and efficiently advance our policy goals by working with (and, if necessary, taking over) the South Dakota Democratic Party than we can by starting a Green Party or some other such alternative liberal organization. The SDDP will not go quietly; Leo, if you and I try to launch a Green Party, we will spend a full generation just fighting to place second in elections that will all be won by Republicans.

    An injudicious analogy: if we’re not happy with how Stalin is fighting Hitler, we don’t secede and try to build our own Tsarist army in Siberia. We stick with the Kremlin, intrigue internally as necessary, but remain united with all of our countrymen (our fellow liberals) in war against the bad guys.

    Thinking about Roger’s question… Leo, if you do try to form a third party, I will still support election laws that make it easier for you to organize and run candidates. If you offer viable candidates in areas where Democrats aren’t running, I’ll collaborate. If you try to build your party at the Democratic Party’s expense in ways that improve Republicans’ chances of winning, we will have a strong fight… and I will help my Democrats beat you and your third party at the polls.