Hawks Holding Three Town Halls on Monday

Rep. Paula Hawks is drinking a lot of coffee. The Democratic candidate for U.S. House worked Flandreau and Madison last night; on Monday, she’ll hold town halls in coffee shops in Brookings, Watertown, and Aberdeen:

  1. Brookings – Cottonwood Bistro – 1710 6th St, Brookings, SD
    Monday, October 24th at 9:00 a.m.
  2. Watertown – Common Ground Coffee Shop – 100 E Kemp St, Watertown, SD – Located inside Goss Opera House
    Monday, October 24th at noon
  3. Aberdeen – Red Rooster Coffee House – 202 Main St, Aberdeen, SD
    Monday, October 24th at 5:30 p.m.

Caffeinate your democracy: visit with Paula Monday, then vote for her ASAP!

5 Responses to Hawks Holding Three Town Halls on Monday

  1. Roger Cornelius

    Remember that Paula debates Noem tonight on SDPB

  2. Remember, Mr. C, the Cubs and the Bears both play on the TV tonight.

  3. Roger Cornelius

    Tonight’s 7:00pm viewing hour is a tough call.
    I’ll sacrifice the first hour of the Packers/Bears game and than join them.
    Hopefully someone will provide video of the Hawks/Noem debate so I can watch it at later time.
    We’ll find out tonight if Donald Trump has a sense of humor by watch the Al Smith Dinner at 7:00pm on CSPAN.

  4. Voters care more about which candidate is better for the job than they care about the actual issues.

    While she knows the issues very very well, I worry that Hawks may not have put enough into attacking Noem to effectively demonstrate the contrast.

    Noem’s (Trump/Ryan) tax cuts for the wealthy disproportionately benefit big city people who live in million dollar sky scraper condos in places like New York and San Francisco more than it benefits South Dakotans. She represents fat cats in big business largely because she’s been bought and sold by the broken national Republican Party.

    When Kristi Noem took it upon herself to decide for everybody that neither South Dakota nor anyone in this 5 state region deserves representation on the House Ag Commmittee – it was lazy and selfish. I’d bet the farm that she was squeezed out behind closed doors for poor attendance and not paying attention when she was there.

    The fact that she is voting for a guy who she thinks is unfit for Presidential office demonstrates a lack of moral judgement and deep confusion about who an elected official is actually supposed to be.

    At her very best, Kristi Noem has been just another pretty face in U.S. Capitol.

  5. I do agree, Adam, that the challenger can always throw more shots at the incumbent. Hawks has thrown many shots, on Ag Cmte, Farm Bill, CRP, Trump, etc. Are those attacks not coming out in the debates?

    Part of the problem, too, is not having the million-dollar budget to shove those attacks onto eveyrbody’s TV screen every night at suppertime.

    During the debate, I heard Noem brag about her leadership on the 2014 Farm Bill. The debater in me shouted, “2014? It was the 2012 Farm Bill, which your leadership wasn’t able to pass. You failed to pass it in 2012. You failed to pass it in 2013. You failed to get it done until 2014, 18 months late. That’s not leadership; that’s dilly-dallying.”

    But it’s always easier to debate the radio in your kitchen than to debate a live opponent on the stage..