Clinton Includes Pressler on List of Independent and Republican Endorsers

It is perhaps easier for former Republican Senator Larry Pressler to show moral clarity and courage than our sitting (multiple meanings) Congressional delegation. Out of office for twenty years, Pressler has liberated himself of partisan bonds by endorsing Barack Obama twice and running for Senate as an Independent in 2014. Pressler endorsed Hillary Clinton following the Orlando massacre, rejecting Trump’s pandering to the NRA and his hostility to religious freedom.

Team Clinton now includes the more morally courageous Pressler in its list of prominent Independents and Republicans backing Clinton for President. Pressler is the only South Dakotan I see on the list so far. He joins former Minnesota Governor Arne Carlson and his old Senate colleague from Minnesota David Durenberger. Also in Pressler’s company for Clinton are Reagan/Bush diplomat and security advisor John Negroponte, Ford/Bush National Security Advisor Brent Scowcroft, and Hewlett Packard CEO Meg Whitman.

Real Clear Politics polling average, Clinton vs. Trump, three months through August 9, 2016. Screen cap 2016.08.10.
Real Clear Politics polling average, Clinton vs. Trump, three months through August 9, 2016. Screen cap 2016.08.10.

Pressler and the other folks on this new Clinton list are on the right side of American interests and history. So are an increasing number of voters who are moving Trump’s post-convention bump entirely to Clinton’s count. Let’s see how long it takes Thune and Rounds to join their predecessor and the public in calling a menace a menace and and dumping Trump.

8 Responses to Clinton Includes Pressler on List of Independent and Republican Endorsers

  1. I’ve met Senator Pressler a total of one time at a gym in Sioux Falls. He was polite, friendly, and personable without acting like he was bigger or better than anyone else (in fact I’m not sure anyone actually even knew who he was at the time). This is a far cry from my experiences with other politicians (although I must say Tom Daschle is a class act and was a pleasure to meet).

    I like how Pressler is able to speak his mind without being concerned for what his party thinks. I only wish politicians could learn this skill BEFORE leaving Washington.

  2. Craig Daschle not perfect but he would be better than slick Mike and photo op in the senate.

  3. So what? Clinton names Pressler like that is a big deal. The big deal is getting Democrats elected into the legislature or else, the same old crap sandwich. The big deal is to elect Hawks and Williams or else say adios to what lttle we have left. Clinton will beat Trump like a pinata,it is the congress that will kill us.

  4. Good for Clinton, but if I were her I wouldn’t brag about endorsements from moral lepers like Negroponte. I’d hold them at arm’s length or outright reject them.

  5. Pressler actually showed up for a short time at one of our Dem events at Prairie Edge.

    Jerry, imo the big deal is getting a dem like Hillary or independent like Bernie elected president. SD is a lost cause to the GOP’s strength until people stand up and start fighting back. Penn Dems often get 15-20 people at our meetings.

    Watch for Jackley to get handed his ass in his one person prosecution of MCEC fall guy Stacey Phelps. this is what happens in a malfunctioning small red state. We’ll at least Kochs are here, huh?

  6. and thank goodness republican Tsitrain continues to put humanitarian pressure on Daugaard and the rest of the SDGOOP to GIVE MEDICAL CARE VIA MEDICAID EXPANSION TO POOR PEOPLE!!!

    How long does this backwards state have to stumble in the dark?


  7. Sorry leslie, you missed my point. It is clear that Trump is loosing to Clinton, what I make a point of is that we should very concerned that when she reaches the White House, there is something that will resemble a working government. What we have now clearly is not working. The down ticket needs to be addressed as well as state legislative seats. We keep ignoring the fact that we are under a fiat here in South Dakota that cannot seem to master anything but corruption. This legislature blathers about potty bills and the sanctity of life while they kill the uninsured with the denial of Medicaid Expansion. Pressler is a footnote to this, glad he is aboard but lets move on to the heart of the deal and stop with the slapping one another on the back. The state and the country need change. We cannot get that by thinking like Democrats, we must be focused like a laser, a difficult task for anyone other than right wingers.

  8. Leslie, send me those 15–20 people’s addresses, and I’ll send them my fundraising letter so they can help me win District 3 and do the work Jerry’s calling for!