Clinton Promises 25,000 New Jobs in South Dakota, Says Trump Fires 9,000

Republican Presidential nominee Donald Trump announces his economic plan today.

Well, maybe not his plan, but the plan cooked up by twelve rich men and one economist that he will punctuate with “Believe me!

Demcoratic Presidential nominee Hillary Clinton presponds by sending around the analyses by Mark Zandi of Moody’s Analytics that show Trump’s announced policies so far leading to 3.4 million jobs lost and Clinton’s policies creating 10.4 million jobs.

In a press release possibly signaling that Team Clinton thinks South Dakota could be in play, Team Clinton says Zandi’s numbers translate into South Dakota losing 9,000 jobs under Trump and gaining 25,000 jobs under Clinton. If those labor force changes happened right now, Trump would jump our unemployment rate from 2.8% to 4.7%. According to Department of Labor statistics, South Dakota had 12,884 unemployed workers in June. If Clinton’s plan came to fruition, we’d need more workers… probably more of those immigrants that Aberdeen’s mayor, Lutheran Social Services, Democrats, and Agenda 21 are conspiring to bring to South Dakota.

Ah, now everything comes together….

6 Responses to Clinton Promises 25,000 New Jobs in South Dakota, Says Trump Fires 9,000

  1. You know, for as much as he purportedly hates the guy, Donald seems trying really hard to do a Paul Ryan impersonation here.

  2. Roger Cornelius

    Trump’s tax plan needs discussion, precisely why he won’t allow voters to see his taxes.
    Julian of Wikileaks is currently working on hacking Trump’s hidden tax filings before the election.
    On surface Trump’s tax plan looks good for the poor and middle class with full deductions for childcare and no taxes for low income families.
    But increasing tax credits for those at the top and decreasing it for others is insane and doesn’t seem to balance out.
    Trump also fails to discuss the current deficit and the trillions more he will add to it.
    It is probably time to pull voodoo economics out of the archives.

  3. Roger Cornelius

    You’re right.
    Trump’s tax plan mirrors Paul Ryan’s.
    That is likely why the two kissed and made up at the end of last week.
    It’s not clear whether or not the two getting along now with Trump’s endorsement will help Ryan in his race.

  4. Considering polls showed Ryan up 85-15 in his race with Trump refusing to endorse, I doubt he of the noble widow’s peak cares all that much about what the Donald has to say.

  5. The arms of district 17 are wide open to any jobs Hillary wants to send our way.

  6. Douglas Wiken

    Trump is spewing trickle-down mythology and slashing of non-existent regulations as the mystery medicine for balancing the budget and stimulating business. This BS has never worked in the past and will never work in the future. It indicates a huge ignorance gap between myth and reality.