SOS Krebs Receives Two Unlikely Independent Presidential Candidate Petitions

Now that Secretary of State Shantel Krebs is done shooting rattlesnakes off her Bad River deck, Ken Santema reports that she has two petitions for Independent Presidential candidates to review, for Chris Keniston and Roque “Rocky” de la Fuente.

Veterans Party circulators for Chris Keniston reported yesterday that the petition they launched on March 25 for electors MaryAnn Reed, Maran Pruett, and Tara Mechaley and submitted this week did not have the necessary 2,774 signatures. They also admitted they didn’t check the petition process:

We submitted the signatures that had been turned in to us, but unless some motivated people sent petition sheets directly to the Secretary of State’s office – we will be short of the required signatures [Veterans Party of South Dakota, Facebook post, 2016.08.03].

I refer VPSD  to my post Monday, which reminds all petitioners that circulators can’t mail sheets independently to the Secretary of State. See SDCL 12-6-8: “The original signed declaration shall accompany the group of petitions upon filing.” There is one original signed declaration, the first petition sheet on which candidates—in this case, the electors—ink their signatures under notary witness. There is one filing, the moment when the electors or their representatives bring all petition sheets to the Secretary of State with the original declaration on top of the stack. No other sheets submitted by anyone else at any other time matter. Under a strict reading of SDCL 12-6-8, any petition sheets that arrive by mail are dead letters; the Secretary will not add them to the stack submitted with the original declaration.

Rocky de la Fuente ran in some Democratic primaries against Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders. He now seems focused on running in Florida’s Senate primary. The last several days of sis Twitter feed has been a dreary, spammy repetition of a handful of Florida-related posts, with no sign of any exhortations to South Dakota presidential petitioners. I find no sign of online petition organizing for de la Fuente in South Dakota.

Secretary Krebs should be able to dispose of these two petitions before the weekend. Then she can concentrate on shooting more rattlers… or is she really taking shots across Kristi Noem’s bow?

4 Responses to SOS Krebs Receives Two Unlikely Independent Presidential Candidate Petitions

  1. Watch out she can show her gun on tv.

  2. Don Coyote

    Taurus Judge. Shoots .45 Colt and 3″ .410 shotgun shells. From the pictures it appears she used the .410 option and unloaded all five chambers.

  3. thank gawd for the second amendment, or her track “alter-life” apparantly!! it doesn’t even dawn on me to carry a weapon when i run into a rattler on the hills of rapid city, working out. heavy boots and jeans are adequate. my old appalachian grama had her 16 gauge snake gun. IN THE 30s-40s. folks, is it really necessary to shoot guns around the house and public trails these days?

    thune twitter too shows him in impeccible orange tan and runner’s flat abs apparently, this is why they run for office, so they’ll have more than normal time to work-out, have that sex appeal that we all want:).

  4. somewhere barry carry freed made a stupid gun comment about paula’s electability…so here goes: History of AK47 and AR15 type assault rifles