Shorma Wants Recount Against Anti-Establishment Primary Upsetter Jensen

The Daugaard appointee who couldn’t win his primary wants a recount. Senator Bill Shorma (R-16/Dakota Dunes) tells the Sioux City Journal he will formally ask the Lincoln and Union county auditors to recount the ballots from last week’s District 16 House primary and see if he really lost by 35 votes to third-time-charmed conservative Republican Kevin Jensen.

Kevin Jensen
Kevin Jensen—Republican running against Daugaard!

The arch-conservative Jensen distracts the voters with a lot of squawking about federal issues (“Obamacare” and “Obama-Core!”). However, he may also have played a little bit of the Burgum line in his primary upset of an Establishment favorite. He frequently reminded voters that both of his primary opponents, Shorma and Rep. David Anderson, were Daugaard appointees who were less accountable to the people:

If Bill Shorma and David Anderson both win the house seats that means 100% of your House Representation is hand picked by the Governor and essentially your vote means NOTHING!
They are hand picked by the Governor because they will likely agree with him, will introduce his bills and vote how he wants them too.

If you want to have an unencumbered voice in Pierre, I am your only choice [Kevin Jensen, Jensen for House Facebook post, 2016.03.22].

Jensen also encouraged voters to cast just one vote instead of two in this two-seat race, thus highlighting the fact that he was not running as a team player with either Establishment player. Distinguishing himself from the powers that be appears to have finally paid off for Jensen with his second-place finish, a squeaker, certainly, but one likely to withstand Daugaard/Dunes man Shorma’s last-gasp recount.

6 Responses to Shorma Wants Recount Against Anti-Establishment Primary Upsetter Jensen

  1. Shorma must feel like he’s been duped somehow. He got shuffled down by Jim Bolin and shuffled out by Kevin Jensen. Wasn’t he just supposed to be able to coast into office because he has friends in high places? The election must have been stolen!

  2. An eager reader notes that Jensen seemed much more favorable toward the appointment process when he asked Governor Daugaard to appoint him to the House seat Patty Miller vacated in 2013. Of course, back then, both Jensen and Ann Tornberg could make the ccase that they were legitimate choices for the position given that both had stood for election and won votes for that position in 2012.

  3. Cory, you’ll have a field day if Crazy Jensen is in the legislature. Get your popcorn and make sure you have a good seat.

  4. Thomas, I don’t want crazy people and popcorn. I want practical problem-solvers who can help me move legislation. I want statesmen with vision.

  5. Sorry Cory, that is a long way from what you’ll be getting with Jensen.

  6. Then District 16 had better elect Ann Tornberg, Ted Curry, and Chad Skiles!