Jay Williams Campaigning in Aberdeen Monday, June 13

Jay Williams
Jay Williams, Democratic candidate for U.S. Senate

Hot dog! Jay Williams is coming to town!

Aberdeen voters, you can meet the Democratic candidate for U.S. Senator—you know, the guy who would go to Washington D.C. and actually hold hearings on Presidential nominees, endorse non-racists for President, and generally do his job instead of flirting with mullahs and flaming Facebook. Jay Williams will hold two events on Monday, June 13:

  1. At noon, Williams will speak to the Democratic Forum at the Aberdeen Pizza Ranch, 1010 6th Ave. SE. You can buy the lunch buffet or you can just come hear from Williams and ask him questions.
  2. You can also visit with your next Senator after work at Melgaard Park! Williams will be at Picnic Shelter A (that’s the octagonal one on the northeast side of the park) to visit with interested voters from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. District 3 Legislative candidates Nikki Bootz, Brooks Briscoe, and yours truly also plan to drop by to support Williams and chat with neighbors. Williams will also be serving hot dogs—mmm mmm good!

Before his Hub City hike, Williams is appearing at the Minnehaha County Democrats Dinner this Friday, June 10. After Aberdeen, Williams campaigns in Mitchell Tuesday, Viborg Wednesday, and then in Sioux Falls at the Pride Festival on Saturday, June 18.

14 Responses to Jay Williams Campaigning in Aberdeen Monday, June 13

  1. Can I come for the hot dog? I mean, I wouldn’t even pollute the air by driving. I could walk from there!

  2. DR, the press release from Team Williams says, “He will then meet voters in Melgaard Park at a meet and greet grill-out alongside legislative candidates Cory Heidelberger, Nikki Bootz, and Brooks Briscoe. Hot dogs will be served….” You’re a voter! We might win you over. Come on by! And let me know if you’d like to wear a Heidelberger for State Senate t-shirt

    Heidelberger for Senate campaign shirt

  3. Iran has ayatollahs. They’re the guys with the ZZ Top beards. Afghanistan has mullahs. They have somewhat shorter beards like the guy in the photo above.

    Good summary of the differences between Jay Willams and our current cardboard cutout. The one who plays a senator on tv.

  4. Ms. Bootz, free hot dogs, and Jaw Williams. A better event even I could not have cooked up.

  5. Ror—what? Iran has mullahs… oops! Actually, one less gay mullah this week:


  6. Grudz, grace us with your presence.

  7. The gay mullah will never be an ayatollah because he’s too metrosexual to let his beard grow wild. You can get there in about 5 years if you start now. But then, you’re ahead of Frank Beard already. That’s something.

  8. WILL he finally go after photo ops record. Especially on veterans health care.

  9. Mose, Williams has been challenging Thune on his “record.” Check out his press releases:


    I don’t see VA care on that page yet, though he has spoken up on IHS. As a veteran, I’ll bet Jay has plenty to say about VA care.

  10. Good Sense

    With less than 20% of Brown County voters showing up for the primary, I will be curious to see how many bother to come to see a candidate who will have his butt handed to him this fall.

  11. Still no story about SD being named the 2nd best state for millenials to live??

  12. Wow, Stu, talk about a rank attempt to change the topic. You have a different story to talk about? Start your own blog! :-P

    GS, there are hot dogs involved. That automatically boosts turnout 20%. :-)

  13. Good Sense

    I would stop by if the hot dogs were “Cimpl’s” but that brand is long gone. :-(

  14. GS, you sound kinda particular about your free tube steaks. ;-)

    But hey, Cimpl had a plant in Yankton, right? Jay’s from Yankton—is that close enough to get you there?

    What happened to Cimpl, anyway?